Does Sugary Drink makes one Fat? A tale of twisted lie

Does Sugary Drink makes one Fat? A tale of twisted lie

Does sugary drink make people fat? How artificial sweeteners keeps far regardless of exercise

I have heard people say, I’m on diet yet I can not figure out why my weight never reduced. Most times a lot of people battle with not just weight reduction, but a static weight. I guess you might be wondering what a static weight is, a typical example is myself. I happened not have ever gone above 55kg in weight no matter how  I eat or drink. But let me sincere, I am not a fan of sugary drinks, I do not consume coke, fanta or any sugary drink, and the chances of me ever consuming them is  twice in six month or in a year or on rare occasion where I need sugar so badly. Let fall back to static weight, a static weight is only favourable when it is within a good BMI, Reasonable Body Mass Index ranges from 18.5—24.9 as good,25.0—29.9 overweight, anything above 29.9 as obese and below 18 as underweight.


I’m 55kg, my height is 165cm, base on my calculations. My BMI is 20.20, which of course is very healthy. You can check your BMI out online with your weight and height.


Now, let get back to our topic , does sugary drink make one fat. Hell yes! It is a tale of moonlight that has it access to natural death cause by human’s inability to be disciplined.

– Bad Nutritional value

Sugar is made from sugarcane beet, the process of transformations involve some high level refining which 99% of the time leads to destruction of it nutritional value. This product when added to food become just a added calorie but no nutritional value. Someone would ask what of produce that are sugar based, farm produce like diary and fruits definitely contains sugar but with definite and required nutritional value and this make it to take some time for them to digest and convert to needed energy. Now, how does sugary drink make you more fat?


The body digest food substance with added sugar faster than natural produce, food like cake, hamburger, buns etc are easily digested and leaving your body craving for more. The truth about the craving is not for the buns, the hamburger but the added sugar present in those food. Leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger by determining how much energy the body needs. Now this hormone is mostly disrupted in people who consume food with added sugar, a research oriented fact is that, the more you consume food with added sugar, the more your cravings and the more you destroy the ability of leptin hormone to regulate the energy your body needs and situation like this mostly end in unplanned weight again.


It is very important that you are aware that sugar on itself does not cause weight gain but the complex reaction it excerted on the body and it activities does.

– Chemical sweetener

Artificial sweeteners in a short time consumption actually do not cause weight gain but here is where the little problem lies. There is the idea that artificial sweeteners may be unable to activate the food reward pathway needed to make you feel satisfied after you have eaten. Due to the fact that they taste sweet but lack the calories found in other sweet-tasting foods, they are thought to confuse the brain into still feeling hungry.


The more reason while you consume a bowl of Semo Vita or  wheat with a bottle of Coke and still feels hungry almost immediately. The ability of the tongue to recognize the sweetness in the Coca-Cola is more approaching than it ability to recognize the sugar in the Semo Vita, thereby making you yearn for more food.


Just like sugar, artificial sweeteners do not make people gain weight but their interaction with people’s eating habit, diet habit, consumption rate is what will likely cause an increase in weight gain through the consumption of sugar or sweetener.

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