Don Veta’s Commentary on “Sex for Marks”.



You all are shouting now just because #BBC is at the center of the investigation. Why not go back to history and watch Eedris #MrLecturer. Or the many shouts of #Arewamatoo on the increase of molestation in institutions of higher learning.


Are we not a funny bunch who depends on international validation to always shout and cry more than the bereaved?

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Young Girls and boys are forced into doing things unbecoming just to pass through a course of study by old men the very society have allowed to form powerful cartels of injustice in schools.


Most worrying are the non reporting percentage of the victims which also shows why the trend isn’t just going to stop any moment soon. Reason being that a lot of the victims are co conspirators in the crime.


A sincere fight against this trend definitely must see both predators and prey facing the same music. Why it is possible to quickly point out erring lecturers, what happens to a student that offers such when he or she definitely isn’t in the right frame of mind to pass exams or just been in school as a status symbol?


The most sorry state of this whole thing is that we all are pointing fingers at the higher institutions of learning, you will be shock at the decadency in the secondary schools that no one is paying attention to.


If really we want to make a positive change on this issue and many more that individuals and NGOs have been fighting then government will really have to do more than mere promises and we on our own must not wait for international validation to know that we are sitting on an epidemic.

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