Don’t Date Women over 30, loves going to church only

Last week, a Tweeter man named Eric started a simple conversation on why men shouldn’t date women who are above 30 and loves going to church. This sparked a serious debate on faith and personal love for God irrespective of marital status and age.


Now removing the clause, I am going to be explaining why men shouldn’t date women who are 30 and above that love going to ONLY church. In this article I am just going to shy you away from those who cant have something and want many not to because they want some sort of sympathy.

Don't Date Women over 30, loves going to church only
Don’t Date Women over 30, loves going to church only

Most times, most of these women who are above thirty, and lovers of just church are bitter women who lived their youth envying people or being wicked to those who are striving hard to make a better life, then they up their live with the lord because the lord will definitely accept anything and anyone. Afterall everyone is the lord’s children.

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I will buttressing on some few points while you might need to stay away from any woman who is above thirty and love going to church only. I mean church only but shows in their habit that they don’t love the lord.


1. They know the Lord more than the Lord

Have you ever met people who know the lord more than the lord himself. These are people who will explain to you while you should not do certain things the bible states that believers should do, trust me they know bible verses and they can explain their point in details. They are often learned people in the word but definitely and mostly they understand in the opposite direction. Those are the people who will explain why you should not pay your tithe, they will explain to you it is nothing serious if you don’t pay, and of course I never said it’s something serious if you don’t pay your tithe, but I often wonder if someone gives you a hundred and demands ten but you find it difficult to give a ten… I wonder what you are? These people conveniently sweethmouth the word of God to sooth themselves, thereby connecting with feebly minds of young women who end up making them their mentor.

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2. They explain to the lord how he should behave

Someone once told me” at least God should have done it this way”. I thought I didn’t hear her correctly until it became a repeated sentence. It not far fetched that all of us sometimes would say ” at least God should have allowed it to happen this way”, most times, sentencing like this come when we feel God could have being more merciful, but you see, our sisters say those because they know how the Lord should have done something he did.


3. They can confuse the Lord

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When the lord said, don’t be ambiguous in prayers, you can be certain he had this people in mind. These are the women who speak all sorts of English to confuse the lord and make their prayers unanswerable, thereby confusing the lord and trust me, who are you, your own confusion is little when they can confuse the lord.

4. They tell the lord who to choose and not choose

There are certain people who tell the lord which of his children he should choose. They will be like, oh don’t choose this man, choose this man, don’t go for this person, go for this person. This person should not be a pastor, this person can’t even preach, why would be person be leading this congregation, why would this people have this family, why would this person have such cute kids… The list goes on and on. They advise the lord who to choose and who not to choose.


They will tell you everything about ‘how God was created’. Then you may wonder….


5. They are God’s assistant

Many people are actually assistant God on earth but trust me, this people only assist themselves. They will definitely fight for the lord and fight the lord. It just has to work their way if not God will see something.


Regardless of all this points above, there are many women out there who are above thirty, goe to church and loves the lord truly, but check out for all this point in any woman above thirty who is single and goes to church always, they are always easy to spot out. Busybody!

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