Kayode Fayemi: Occupy Nigeria was Political


( when will Aketi constitute statutory boards?)



Ekiti state was carved out of former Ondo state by then military head of state, Gen. Sanni Abacha on Oct. 1st 1996, when Nigeria was celebrating 36 years of independence. The Gen. Abacha led junta government was adjudged the worst in Nigeria in which heinous crimes were executed by the dictator’s men against Nigerians but Ekiti people can’t forget Gen. Abacha because their age long dream of making Ekiti state a reality was through him.


Like two children of the same parents, both Ondo and Ekiti states have some attributes in common and it is easy to influence each other by the duo on various ramifications. Since the dispensation of this political era, there has been a lot of political influences from each other.


Background of Dr Fayemi and Aketi ‘s friendship:

Their friendship could be traced to the ACN era when Aketi was nominated through the influence of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu in 2012 as the governorship candidate of Ondo state and Dr Fayemi was the governor of Ekiti state then. Aketi later lost the election but the relationship had been established.


Dr Fayemi contested for second term in 2014 under the newly formed APC from merger of CPC, ACN, ANPP and some aggrieved PDP members, but lost to Mr Ayodele Fayose of PDP. It was a test of popularity of the newly formed party which was the major opposition that wanted to wrestle power from bigger life ruling PDP but they lost. This was a major setback for Tinubu’s boys in south west.


Thank God they were able to overcome after the party won reelection of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, then governor of Osun state, just some months after Ekiti state election.


Aketi, being a former governorship candidate was also there for Dr Fayemi in the trial time. They both parted ways with Asiwaju Ahmed Asiwaju Tinubu and worked to undermine his influence in southwest. Dr Fayemi ensured that Aketi emerged as governorship canditate of APC in ever competitive primary against Tinubu’s choice of Mr Olusegun Abraham in 2016 which Aketi reciprocated after he won his the general election, by ensuring the second coming of Dr Fayemi to Ekiti state’s government house almost two years now.


Dr Fayemi exposes Aketi:

Since inception of Dr Fayemi’s administration almost 2 years after his friend in Ondo state, has been exposing Aketi’s ineptitude in handling the state affairs despite the poor federal government allocation to Ekiti state.The crises of the APC in Ondo state is worse. All the 40 statutory boards of parastatals in Ekiti have been constituted within 7months of Dr Fayemi’s administration while Aketi is yet to constitute most of the boards in Ondo state.


The manners in which last 2019 primary elections was handled in Ekiti state and almost all the APC candidates won in general election shows Aketi needs a lot to learn.


In conclusion:

It is not enough that Dr Fayemi should be helping Aketi to beg up and down, he should tell him the basic truths. If Aketi fails to constitute boards in first term that he has all at stake, it means no appointment will be done when he wins second term. He deserves no reelection in Ondo state.




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