Dr. Godwin Maduka of Anambra, compared with Masquerade (Ijele)

Dr. Godwin Maduka compared with a Masquerade – THE IJELE OF OUR TIME

The search for PDP’s Candidate, the need and the call for the IJELE?

Why not any other masquerade? Why not Agbọghọ mmonwu, Agaba, Okwomma, Odo, Izaga or even Ojionu?

Least we forget, every Masquerade whether big or small takes second place once the entrance of the IJELE is announced. People happily clear the way when it is said to be approaching.

Other Masquerades disappear from the village square any moment the king of masquerades is sighted. It is not possible to think or to speak of any other activity when the IJELE is around.

Prancing and dancing Masquerades have no place when the IJELE has come. Yet the IJELE is neither violent nor given to competing with other Masquerades. The IJELE accepts the cheers of the crowd for what it is but does not acknowledge it.

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It accepts cheers as its right knowing it is the Elephant in the midst of others because Leaders are born, not made. Leadership is not about what you will do but what you already did which stands as a pointer to your ability to do better.

Dr. Godwin Maduka of Anambra, compared with Masquerade (Ijele)
Dr. Godwin Maduka of Anambra, compared with Masquerade (Ijele)

The IJELE does not dance for money.

CORRUPTION has been the bane of our democracy, hence the need for an IJELE who has already gotten the requisite attributes that stands it high above all forms of inducement and well equipped to fight corruption to its knees.

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The IJELE is always decorated with expensive ornaments hence the numerous awards of Dr Goodwin Maduka the IJELE.l of our time.

The IJELE has no rival at the village square, hence the need for everyone to join hands to facilitate the CONSENSUS display of Dr Goodwin Maduka the GREAT IJELE and Lion of Africa.


There is need for the PDP to feature the IJELE in forthcoming contest because no club goes to a football match without first eleven unless it’s not after the trophy.

Our masquerade is a beautiful sight to behold in an outside dance where every village will assemble for communal entertainment and the attendant joy, therefore the need to bet on the IJELE for the final contest.

Egbue dike n’ogu ulo, ubochi ogu ezi what happens? (God forbid).

We are adults, the battle (greater dance) is ahead.

We need IJELE, Dr Goodwin Maduka is the IJELE.

#RightChoice ~ #RighTime

Chizoba Nne Nwachukwu

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