Developing a state or a nation involves all spheres of human existence, however, for a state to move forward there is need to tackle fundamental problems preventing it from progressing.


There should be standard and adequate facilities as well as amenities. An enabling environment should be created for the workforce in the state to function optimally.


Dr Godwin Maduka has proven beyond measure and mere rhetorics that he has the capacity to transform Anambra State.


Over the years Dr. Godwin Maduka pioneered developmental strides in his hometown Umuchukwu and beyond. As a human capital developer, he gave grants to both young and old to enable them set-up businesses of their choice. He also placed those deserving of scholarships to universities of their choice.


For the young ones they say… catch them young, Dr Godwin Maduka built schools for basic education.

Furthermore, Dr Godwin Maduka has a formidable workforce on his payroll both at home and in the United States. Okosisi Orumba opined that once you empower a human, you have already empowered a community.

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As the clock thicks and ndi Anambra prepares to go to the poll, they should have it in mind that we need someone that has the potential to harness talents and put Anambra yet again on the spot light. Anambra will be great again! Dr. Godwin Maduka is the right choice.




Chioma Chukwunekeh

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