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Re: The Electronic Transmission of Votes & the Joke of the Nigerian Senate

Dr Ifeanyi Ubah reacts to Tobenna Obiano on Transmission of Votes

I was lounging on a soft feather bed in Enugu where I came to relax and gather my thoughts and energy for the upcoming Electoral Campaign billed to kick off on the 6th of August 2021 when it came to my notice that Tobenna Obiano had made public a long epistle or rather stinker against My Big Brother, MY SENATOR and also the Extremely Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing the magnificent people of Anambra South, His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, when it is obvious that Tobenna Obiano is neither from Anambra South nor has any vote or stake in the affairs of Anambra South and as such, has no right to criticize or chastise Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah be it in private or public over any and all issues concerning Anambra South in such a brazen, uncouth, ungodly, callous, demeaning and reckless manner


Tobenna Obiano must learn to draw a line between being a meddlesome interloper, a fake friend and an unfortunate opportunist. This is recklessness taken too far.


Yes, Tobenna Obiano has some sort of friendship with His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah of which I personally do not see the benefit or added advantage it has been to him therefore, I know for certain that the article by him was just to score easy political points with someone he claims to be a friend… Talk about kicking a man when you think he is down and the definition of unfriendly friends.



First of all, Tobenna Obiano began by listing 3 Senators and only went after Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah in an issue which he termed as important to Nigeria… Tobenna Obiano said absolutely nothing about Senator Stella Oduah who represents Anambra North and couldn’t even be bothered by the ABSENCE of HIS own Senator, a Senator who he voted for and can recall at will, Senator Uche Ekwunife but he had the time and energy to muster a long, pull-him-down epistle against Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah…. Why?


Well, just as we all know by now, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is the quickest and most reliable avenue at becoming relevant so it is not the first time that people who have absolutely no business discussing issues concerning Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, dabble into them to score cheap points and gain fleeting attention.


Anambra Senators were absent and they all have reasons for their absence and I for one, have my own views on them all but my own concern is about my own Senatorial District and My Senator has not just explained himself but has also addressed Ndi Anambra South last weekend on Authority 91.9FM, stating that he fully stands for and supports the use of technology in elections as he insists that electronic transmission should be used in the November 6th elections and I can categorically state that this point will be made more obvious to Ndi Anambra in the coming weeks. Ndi Anambra South fully understand our Senator because we completely trust him and in his capacity which is why we sent him there in the first place and he has delivered the goods beyond our imagination and expectations as a first-timer. We know that first-timers don’t chair or hold any principal and important positions but Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has broken the jinx by belonging to various prominent committees and becoming Vice Chairmen in them as well. Anambra South fully stand by him and his decision to walk out as walking out is a form of protest which is fully legal and recognised globally not just in politics but Sports where players can walk out on a football match if racially abused… This fact is even supported by FIFA itself!


As the Vice Chairman on the Committee on INEC, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah was well armed with a minority report which proved that the outcome of the proposed amendment of the naughty Section 52 (2)(3) was rigged and thus, enabled him to make an intelligent resolution as nobody can doubt or contest his high intellect and native wisdom therefore, when he was trammelled from voicing his observations by the Senate President, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah promptly voiced his frustration and disappointment then walked away from the Chambers, which clearly shows that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah already knew that a fast one was being pulled on Nigerians and wouldn’t be a part of it. It is also worthy of note that other Senators went on with the exercise as they did because it already had a predetermined outcome. Judge his actions rightly or wrongly, but he took it with the conviction in protecting his Senatorial District and indeed Nigeria from the charade that was about to happen.



How does one win a fight which is rigged from the start?


Walk out protests are done worldwide and in parliaments where we have seen in both House of Reps and indeed the Senate as a last resort and to show nothing but total lack of confidence in a system, where opposition members as a caucus had walked away in protest when majority opposition wished to impose unpopular opinions on Nigerians and being that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is a minority in the Senate, it is well within his rights to stage a walkout as the caucus leader and only member of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), and he voiced his displeasure not just with words but actions as his presence or vote would have counted for nothing…. Let’s get this fact clear!


Therefore, I wish to use this medium to caution Tobenna Obiano against this public opprobrium against a Senator who neither represents him in any way nor has any reason to explain himself to him over decisions taken on behalf of Ndi Anambra South. Such rascality and childishness must never repeat itself again. If Tobenna Obiano has an axe to grind with his friend, he should do that in private but when it comes to issues bothering on Ndi Anambra South, Tobenna Obiano must NEVER assume he has either a stake in it or right to speak for Ndi Anambra just as I have never commented on Sen Uche Ekwunife or Sen Stella Oduah but as a true Igbo man who has sense and not an opportunist or a fake friend, I mind my own business and Senatorial District.


Futhermore, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is a first-time Senator who has performed admirably well and far better than his contemporaries who have been Parliamentarians for donkey years but for some unknown reasons, Tobenna Obiano decided to focus his imaginary capacity and exhaust his limited knowledge of the English language on Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah who was PRESENT at the plenary on that day and made serious attempts for his voice to be heard as the ONLY Anambra Senator present while others went AWOL who would have helped Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah in pushing for the voice of Ndi Anambra to be heard as a common front but this effort means little or nothing to Tobenna Obiano, that he has no other way than to chronicle a crude article against his alleged friend and ally who made attempts no matter how little, clearly because he lacks the cojones to go after Sen Uche Ekwunife, his own Senator who went to the Federal House of Representatives for years before becoming a Senator for many years and was conspicuously ABSENT citing commissioning of a house built for a widow that a Ward Councillor can do, as a more important project than being present at such an all important sitting yet he didn’t vomit a stinker on the fact that she didn’t even APPEAR anywhere near the National Assembly on that very day but Tobenna Obiano rather chose to make Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah his scapegoat which is a clear abuse of his personal relationship with him even though Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is credited with more Motions and Bills than Sen Uche Ekwunife and Sen Stella Oduah put together and has NEVER been absent from plenary for such mundane issues like commissioning of houses for a widow as these are things that are handled by his handled by his Personal Aides as Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah only comes home to personally supervise constitutional projects and present his report card to Ndi Anambra South then returns back to Abuja to make sure na oke Ndi Anambra and Umu Igbo efugho.



That Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah chooses to be friends with Tobenna Obiano must not be abused nor does it confer Tobenna Obiano with the rights to speak on matters that do not concern him… Tobenna Obiano should focus on Sen Uche Ekwunife and her excuses. He should address her accordingly and perhaps recall her if he is so pained but this move to use Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah to score cheap political points, the Judas Iscariot maneuver of planting a kiss on the cheek to sell a friend for political silver coins and this desperate move to make himself appear to be absolutely what he is not or larger than life is utter rubbish and iberiberism of the highest order…. No true friend takes great pride in publicly shaming his true friend.


At the end of the day, people like Tobenna Obiano give credence to the notion that the Youths cannot be trusted especially with friendship and ability to manage issues because I know Tobenna Obiano is under pressure to prove an imaginary point to other politicians because he wants to come across as President Buhari who told us in 2015, that he belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody but we know that the reverse is the case or perhaps, as a force that must be feared by all given the fact that he runs a publishing outfit which is being patronised by all and sundry so he has to show that he can trusted by others in order to keep their patronage even if it means selling his own friend down the river like Joseph and His Brothers, in the hopes that Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah who has a large heart like Joseph, will eventually overlook this rubbish and carry on but it will not sit well with Ndi Anambra South especially ME, if it happens again for whatever reason.


Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is not a political cash cow which can be massacred at will to revive or rekindle dying or dead relevance… Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah MEANS WELL for Ndi Anambra South, Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo in general. His footprints across Igbo land and Nigeria are well known and documented. History will be kind to him.


Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is human and can make mistakes but trust me, this is not one of them as he can never sell out his own people no matter the cost or reason but he will always stand for his people through thick and thin like he did during the #EndSARS protests and also like he did during the Covid-19 pandemic, in both cases Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah showed absolute love and commitment to the betterment of Ndi Anambra and Igbo land which include the building of world class hospitals courtesy of Anambra Progressives and Development Union not forgetting the provision of palliatives which are nothing short of exceptional.


Even though it is in the kind nature of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah to sweep such gutter vituperations under the carpet out of the magnanimity of his heart, I will not allow such utterances from a political hallelujah boy, stand, for any reason whatsoever and let it be on record that I am NOT a staff of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah neither do I hold any official position within his kitchen cabinet or political structure but Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is MY BIG BROTHER and thus, is FAMILY so my views are ALWAYS mine and mine alone, devoid of any external influence or suggestions so there is no chance in hell, I can sit back and watch someone deride him and his magnificent achievements and contributions to Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo just to feel important.



I stand with Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah now and forever because I have the utmost trust and belief in him both as a person and in his administrative capacity which he has shown during his short stint in the Red Chambers thus, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is the next Governor of Anambra State as he is committed to elevating Anambra State out of its present state of decadence and hopelessness into a glorious future of which, he is the only person with the capacity to do so.


Tobenna Obiano must concentrate on addressing those who prioritise commissioning homes for widows to sitting down at plenaries or share the magnificent works and achievements of HIS own Senator for all to see how they have helped and impacted Ndi Igbo instead of publicly going after someone who has done so much for him and shown him uncommon favor even above his own townsmen.


Tobenna Obiano is hereby cautioned and advised to be properly guided going forward.


Enough said!



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