Dr. Kim Goodall: He made a home in me and we started our journey of love together

A Medical Doctor, Sexual Health Advocate, Blogger and Makeup Artist, Dr. Kim Goodall have officially given her life to Jesus Christ.


In a lengthy post via Instagram on August 25th, 2021, the child of God explains how she fell in love with God and their journey so far.


She narrates;

”Today I celebrate two years of the purest love I’ve ever known, I’d like to share our story with you.


Despite the grave I built for myself in my pursuit of wholeness — My Love saw me, called me by name, and asked me to be His. I didn’t know Him then, but my spirit knew that this relationship was what we have been searching for to fill the emptiest parts of me and illuminate my broken soul. My spirit knew He was safe and trustworthy. He felt familiar, like we’ve been here before.


I didn’t know him and I was hurt so many times before and I was afraid to mess this Love up with my brokenness. But— He knew me. My spirit was convinced and I decided to make a vow to surrender all that I am, surrender my flesh and it’s desires to Him and walk with Him.

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He made a home in me and we started our journey of love together. This kind of love is an experience my soul couldn’t even comprehend, couldn’t even concoct but here it was— here it is.


He stripped me of the clothes of death I wore, the garments of shame, condemnation, lies, and curses even the generational ones. A painful process truly, but what birth isn’t?


He washed me with His word and formed me in His loving hands as I sat at His feet, paying attention to every detail of me, down to the very number of hairs on my head.

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He breathed life into me, covered my nakedness with garments of purity and righteousness, adorned me with His wisdom and laced my feet with His peace.

Dr. Kim Goodall: He made a home in me and we started our journey of love together
Dr. Kim Goodall

He lifted my head and crowned me. I am redeemed, I am justified and I have succeeded to royalty. He gave me a new identity— now I know who I am for I know whose I am. I have not been revealed to you as yet, I am in transition but I know when He releases me, it will be beautiful.


I am captivated by Yeshua, the Son of God. My heart belongs to Him. My surrender was worth the risk. His passion and desire for me was made evident as He showed up every morning singing over me. His love so complete, never ending— He even has enough for you. Yes you.

I want you to know that there is an answer to the craving of your soul and His name is Jesus.”

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Dr. Kim Goodall: He made a home in me and we started our journey of love together

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