Duncan-Williams: Getting Married is a Privilege; Thank God For it

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministries (ACIM), Nicholas Duncan-Williams has categorically stated that “Marriage is not a right and is a privilege.”


The Archbishop was trying to debunk the common thinking that, getting married was a right to either a man or woman but to him, marriage was a privilege and not a right.


He furthered, “Whenever any man or woman assume or form an opinion or perception that, marriage is his or her right, you forfeit your right to be married. It is not a right, it is a privilege given to you to make a difference” he postulated.


The Archbishop further averred that, marriage is a privilege given to us to impact our world and make a difference and to fulfil God’s original plan and intent for the lives of humans.


According to him, men should not expect their wives to treat them as their mothers did because their wives are not their mothers. He also cautioned ladies not to expect their husbands to treat them like their fathers did to them, because their husbands are not their fathers.

Continuing his admonishment to a married couple, he said, no two marriages are the same and it shall be an error to compare your marriage to that of your parents. But, what works according to him, is for the couple to find out what is God’s plan for their marriage and work towards making it work.

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Delving deeper into the differences between men and what happens to them, the Archbishop said a man’s assignment determines his crisis or challenges. “There were six thousand demons that were assigned to one man because of his assignment. Mary Magdalene, seven thousand demons hijacked her because of her assignment. Jesus had Satan himself to deal with him, Paul had a messenger of satan”.


He continued that everybody and what they are called to handle and deal with in life. It is very appropriate to enquire from God what your assignment is “Because your assignment determines your provision, and it shall also determine the kinds of challenges that would confront you”.


From the foregoing, the Archbishop went ahead to enumerate some types of marriages based on his understanding and what the dynamics can be.

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Firstly, one is the marriage of two unbelievers. Thus a man and woman who are both unbelievers and are married. “Their challenge is different” he stated.


Secondly, the Archbishop spoke about a marriage which he described as the man being born again and the woman was not. “That brings it own challenges”.


Thirdly, according to the founder and leader of the Action Chapel International ministry, is the marriage where the woman is born again and the man who is the head of the house is not born again. He added, that also has its own challenges too.

Fourthly, is the type of marriage that happens when both the man and woman are born again Christians.

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He said that out of the blue, the man woke up one day and said to the wife “I’m called into full time ministry but the woman is not called into full time ministry, that also brings different challenges into the marriage.”

Getting Married is a Privilege; Thank God For it – Duncan-Williams
Getting Married is a Privilege; Thank God For it – Duncan-Williams

Continuing, Duncan-Williams added that, there is another dimension where the woman wakes up one day and reveals to the husband that she has been called into full time ministry. In this particular situation the man who is the head of the family and also a member of the church the wife attends, isn’t called into full time ministry. “The challenges and difficulties are also different.”


Finalising on the seventh category of marriage in his sermon, the Archbishop said there is the situation where both are born again Christians and are all called into full time ministry. It also has its own challenges.


Further, he advised the couple under whose wedding he was speaking and to the congregation that if one doesn’t understand all these nuances, principles, games or rules of engagement; then it makes it easy to compare your marriages to someone else’s one; but no two marriages are the same.


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams was delivering some words of wisdom to a marriage couple in one of the branches of Lighthouse Chapel monitored on Facebook.

In concluding, he admonished all the congregants to try a figure out what God’s plan is for their lives and they should work at it. He continued when that is done, then God would bless them, and they would go far and they would go places.


He added, in this journey of marriage, the two shall be one as stated by the Bible is what works. Even though two persons get married, if they are able to understand that, the two of them shall share one seat in every facet of life, that is the only way, they can survive on this path or journey. Thus, you carry one another to succeed in this journey of marriage.

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