Ebonyi is one of poorest states in Nigeria

A governorship aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Ebonyi state, Ifeanyi Odii, on Friday, described Ebonyi state as one of the poorest states in the country.


He made this known when he submitted his nomination form at the secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party, in Abuja.


According to Odii, our greatest challenge is because Ebonyi today is today one of the poorest states in the country. We have our people in many places, we need to get them informed; we need to bring them back and empower them.


Odii further said that drawing from his wealth of experience as a business mogul, he would focus on the creation of wealth for the indigent persons of Ebonyi state, more so, focus on human capital development.


He expressed the need to vote out the APC government and replace it with a PDP-led state government, saying it would be a grave mistake if the people failed to effect the change.


He said: “I feel very delighted that my people are with me and I am with my people. The love I have for the people and the love they have for me, if I am given the mantle of leadership to govern Ebonyi state, I will create wealth for our people and I will focus on human capital development.

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“I have been an entrepreneur and it is something I have been doing all through my life. I have helped businesses and watched it grow and I want to repeat that template and make it work in our state because governance is all about wealth creation for your people so that the suffering can be eliminated.”


On his part, the former Deputy Chairman of PDP, Hon. Onwe Onwe stressed on the fact that Ebonyi state remains a PDP state despite the current APC-led administration, stating that the people of Ebonyi strongly stand with Mr Ifeanyi Odii because of his positive track record.


Hear him: “The people of Ebonyi state are very happy about the aspiration of Ifeanyi Odii to join the race. You see, since I served the party, and finished my tenure in 2013, I have never followed any good aspirant from Ebonyi to come and submit a form.

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“He is going to create wealth for the Ebonyi; he is a successful entrepreneur and he is going to create and transform his private performance to governance, so that’s why we are here. He has a 100% chance to emerge as a governor.


“My message to Ebonyi people is that we should give you maximum support. The issue of sentiment should be waved aside. We want somebody that can move the state forward.


“Those of you in Abuja think that Ebonyi is an APC state, but in actual sense, the governor is left alone. No member of the National Assembly followed him. No major stakeholder followed him, the grassroot did not follow him. So, Ebonyi is still truly PDP and in a few month’s time we are going to demonstrate.”


MEANWHILE, former Chairman of PDP, Ebonyi state, the Prince Amaoti, stated that: “one of the reasons why you see a lot of support for him back home is because of his youthful nature and also his background as a very successful entrepreneur at his age and serious philanthropist.


“Before he even showed interest in this aspiration, for years past the has used his foundation to build houses for indigent persons, established so many people to do businesses. He has done so much happier across the states. So that was why when he showed interest it was as if you triggered off support from everywhere for him”, he added.

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