Edo Central Senatorial District Boils in favour of Godwin Obaseki

Edo Central Senatorial District Boils in favour of Godwin Obaseki


…as all Local Government Chairmen, Leaders and Councillors in Esanland, played host to the State Leadership of the Obaseki Shaibu Movement in Uromi


…says it is either Obaseki or no election in Edo Central Senatorial District.



It will interest you to know that the Powerful 5 Local Government Chairmen in Esanland, otherwise known as the Edo Central Senatorial District hosted the State Leadership of the foremost pro-good governance group, Obaseki Shaibu Movement(OSM) in Esan North East Local Government Area on Friday, 5th June.

All the Five Local Government Chairmen refused to be represented by anybody, made themselves available in Uromi at the early hours of Friday to strategize on how to deliver Obaseki and of course also took out time to encourage the leadership of OSM in the state, led by the hard working and highly committed Coordinator, Engr Eigbe Osezele Samuel to keep up the good work while they appreciate them for the work already done so far.


In attendance were some leaders in the 5 Local Government such as Hon. H.O Okeror, Leader Bature from Ward 2, Hon. Peter from Esan Central, Hon Andrew Young from Esan South East, Hon Iredia from Igueben, Hon Vincent Udaze from Esan West and of course the very Smart and Intelligent Senatorial Coordinator, Hon. Henry Okpamen.

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While very important dignitaries were present, some leaders who could not come in order not to go above the acceptable numbers as a result of the regulation recently released by the State Government, sent in their Solidarity messages and reassured the house that as far this Election is concern, Esanland shall speak in one voice and the content of that Voice is Obaseki 4+4, while the product of such will remain the Victory that will emanate from that Voice from a unanimous agreement.

The Councilors who also unanimously sent delegates to Represent their decision in order not to go against the State regulation on numbers of persons acceptable in public gathering, said they are all ready for the Primary election for they do not need to be told to vote and return a great man who has brought Esanland out of the darkness planted in it through the gross marginalization by the same man heading the other camp today.


According to the Councilors in Esanland, “we are waiting for the Primary election and we are waiting to see what they will convince us with, that it was Obaseki who marginalized Esanland for 8 years or that it was Obaseki that gave less than 10% appointment to a whole Senatorial District while he was Governor for 8 years.”

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“We are Esan people, we are not mad, we are not stupid, we are not just said to be very wise and intelligent, we are very wise, smart and intelligent people, this is not just a fact, but it is a reality, so, when we see our enemies, we do not need to be told and when we behold a friend, we know we have a friend and in Governor Godwin Obaseki, we have seen a friend, a brother and an great Administrator who means well not just for the people living now, but the generations yet unborn. So, when we say it is and must be Obaseki, we know exactly what we are saying for with Obaseki, the future of our children’s children is safe.”

According to the Local Government Chairmen, “we do not really know about others very well, though the news we are getting from our colleagues in the other two Senatorial Districts is more than pleasant right now for it is 4+4, but as for this Esanland of ours, as far we are concerned, it is either Obaseki or Obaseki, or better still, no election in Edo central, for Obaseki is not just the Choice of the Local Government Chairmen but the Choice of the people of Esanland which we have vowed to follow”.

On a final note, the Senatorial Coordinator of OSM and the State Coordinator took out time to respectively thank the 5 Local Government Chairmen, the Leaders of the Local Government, the LGA Party Chairmen and of course the Councilors for their Stand and for the courage to publicly declare that Stand without fear or favour as it shows their level of commitment and dedication to the re-election of Governor Godwin Obaseki as they assured Edo Central of a massive Victory at the end of this struggle, which will bring about a continuous development in the Edo Central Senatorial District.

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