Few days ago, precisely on 09th August, 2020, around 09:11pm, serious and disturbing allegations were made on ADC…..Nationwide Page WhatsApp platform and possibly on some other platforms, by Mr Timothy Aremu of Edo State ADC, whereby he allegedly accused certain personalities of ADC of compromising their duties. Those allegations believed to have sparked disturbing discourse in different quarters is reproduced here, verbatim, to guide our direction.


In reference to the Governorship Candidate of ADC, H E Mabel Oboh’s special Interview with Christy Anyanwu of the Sun Newspapers/Sunnewsonline, the accuser wrote, “She has sold out our party in Edo State for 5 million oooo. Please help us asked chief Anayo Arinze about the 5million they went to collect from BB hotel this week in Benin. They are only deceiving us coming out with poster and interview. They have betrayed and kill ADC in Edo state for just 5million naira from PDP. If you think I’m telling lies, I’m the state publicity secretary of Edo named Comrade Timothy and when I started moving the motion about what is happening, Chief Anayo Arinze summoned to suspend me from the party I have labored for. The good heads of ADC Edo faithful members will fight and their sweat will troubles these betrayals till Christ returns. You may remove me from here but you can’t remove me from print media and social media. I will announce this wicked act that Chief Anayo have performed in Edo state all over the world and all our members who have been following both inside sun and rain with empty stomach has been caught unaware. Hmmm! Where is the national chairman of ADC Nigeria? Why do you all allow Chief Anayo to ruin ADC Nigeria??? Its shameful that ADC is ending this way.“

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For the fact that those of us in ADC (TRANSFORMATION) AMBASSADORSS are making efforts to mobilize, build and stabilize this party, and improve from what the founding fathers have done, that attracted national and international attention and recognition to the party, that made the party to be adopted by many positive minded Nigerians, while some persons will be frustrating the efforts, then the need for us to quickly dive straight and deep into the issue, mostly working from behind the scene, to ameliorate the situation in Edo State ADC.


We worked as Ambassadors as possible, to avoid undue influence and distractions. Some of us in ADC Ambassadors as a group were massively and, on individual capacities disturbed to the marrow. That informed why the straight deep dive into action to ascertain the reasons, for the development at this critical time that a major election is on the way.


1. On 10th August, 2020, the Ambassadors made Contact to the member who brought the allegations to the public domain, in the name of Mr Timothy Aremu of ADC Edo State. He did not deny making the allegations. We asked for any traceable evidence to back up the claims. He assured us that evidence was available, but that such evidence will be gotten from the Edo State ADC Chairman Hon Chris Inegbedion.

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  1. On 10th August, we made contact to the Edo State Chairman of ADC who ascertained that he was also in the known and support of the allegations. We asked for any available evidence to back up the allegations. There was a promise to make available the evidence. However, as at the last time we contacted the Edo State ADC Chairman, we are yet to lay hands on any evidence.


  1. Contacts were made to the following individuals whom were believed to belong to various perceived or purported camps in Edo State ADC, the Accuser Mr Timothy Aremu (Edo ADC PRO as he then was), the State Chairman Hon Chris Inegbedion, the State Secretary Comrade Charles Imotinyan, Edo State ADC Women Leader Madam Victoria Oboh, Edo State ADC Organizing Secretary Engr Alex Iyile, Edo State ADC Legal adviser Barr Ahideno Godfrey and Edo Central Senatorial District Woman Leader Lady Bella. It was only Madam Victoria Oboh who was out of reach.


I. It is obvious that all the members of ADC in Edo State were eager and desirous of continuing to identify with the party.


II. It is also important to say that some members of the party in Edo State have contributed, in availing the party, their talents, treasures and time in building the party in the State.


III. It is evidenced that the Gubernatorial candidate has done well in the media

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IV. The campaign team and the whole State structure were not fully working on the same page


V. Some LGAs and Wards felt and complained of been sidelined and not being carried along.


VI. There was neither evidence so far that Chief Anayo Arinze (EMAIL) and others were seen nor was around the BB Hotel where it was purported that some persons allegedly attended a meeting to betray the party.


VII. It is deducible that individuals are fighting to have their interest protected in the party.



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a. Polling Units Agents List/Persons: PU Agents list ought to be ready before now. Without polling unit’s agents who would mann and protect ADC votes in various polling booths, it would be difficult to protect and defend our votes.


b. Collation Centre Agents: Arrangement of who and who will be available at the collation centres to make sure ADC is not shortchanged


c. Returning Officers: Who and who have been mapped out to stand as the party’s returning officers, to prevent ADC from being rigged out.


d. Food/ Water For Polling Units Agents: Adequate arrangement on how to provide food for the polling units agents on the day of election, to avoid the excuses or claims of going to source for food and abandoning the polling units.


e. Donation of Electioneering Materials: The bigger our campaign train is the better and bigger we attract followers. Among the major causes of our sleepless nights on Edo ADC and this election include; available number of campaign materials. The number of branded vehicles to colour ADC campaign train. How to attract multitude of persons on ADC campaign grounds. How to approach party leaders across Edo State and other states to donate their reserved available vehicles, temporally, for onward branding and use for the campaign which is remaining just a few weeks from now. This is the time we should actually approach the leaders and chieftains of the party, who should be able to offer, to motivate the party with either financial support, office/secretariat, vehicles for at least temporal use for campaign period, worthy political strategies or advices, donation of posters, donation of billboards, donation of party flags, donation of party banners, sponsoring youths to go round to past posters across the cities, sponsoring security or protection for campaign train, etc. Only a few members should not pursue the elephant alone. It is obvious that great number of people and electorates will follow us if we can pull political crowd. All of us, including candidates know that politics on this side of the world involves crowd and followership.


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Thank you

For: ADC (Transformation) Ambassadors

Amb Mustapha Funtua
National Youth Leader

Amb Samson Oluseyi Johnson
Oyo State Director

Hon Amb Festus Duru
National Secretary

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