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Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion

Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion

Edo2020 Winners: I have seen a story flying around of former political appointees to Governor Obaseki who resigned and the mischievous writer titled it “Biggest Losers of Edo2020”.

Let me make it clear that I personally believe I am the biggest winner of this struggle.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. that once posited that there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

For the purpose of clarity and education of this mischievous writer and his co followers let me make it clear that my decision not to follow Governor Obaseki to his new party the PDP is on grounds of political principles.

Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion
Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion

To make it clearer I am APC body and soul and believe so much in my great party and her developmental strides especially in my local government area (Orhionmwon) and dear state (Edo).

To simplify and illustrate my position I want standard projects like Airport Road, Siluko Roads Second East Circular, Dawnson Road, Upper Lawani Roads, Upper Mission Road, Igbanke Roads, Akpakpava Road, Jattu Road, Ugo Urhonigbe Road most of them dualized with covered drains, side walks, street lights and lawns to continue in our dear Edo State.

I want projects like the Central Hospital Benin, New Era College, Red Roof Revolution Schools etc to continue.

All the above projects including the ones done by Governor Obaseki like the renovation of Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium and Secretariat buildings initiated by Brig General Samuel Ogbenudia the PDP used for its campaigns are credited to our great party the APC.

To me it is an appropriate time for all PDP supporters to be sober while using this short opportunity to have projects on ground to campaign with in subsequent elections. They should understand that campaigns hinged on propaganda and other nonsenses like claims of godfatherism and all what not do not last long and will not stand the test of time.

While I was saddened by the news of the fatal accident by Orhionmwon PDP Chairman Mr. Iduoze and wish him quick recovery it is pertinent to note that this is one of the hundreds of accidents, kidnapp and robbery cases on the Benin Abraka road which is now a death trap. It is also possible that the gods of Orhionmwon are angry and might have sent a warning sign to the PDP leaders and members to wake up to their responsibilities, be sober and focus on putting standard people projects on ground hence they might continue to be the victims of their own propaganda.

Let me reiterate here that if given a thousand opportunity in same circumstance, I will not hesitate to pen down and sign another resignation letter.

I feel free and better focussed and believe the pressure is on PDP leaders and their supporters who are now on the hot seat with have a herculean task to keep the trust of the people they were able to get by simply spreading propaganda of godfatherism and others.

Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion
Edo2020: We are the big winners, says Igbinedion

We will now play the part of active and objective opposition and will not relent on legal and constitutional efforts to restore power to the APC a party we believe have better plans, projects and programmes for our people.

~ Prince Lucky Igbinedion

Hey! If you are reading this, then you must have read what I published above. Whether you like it or not, is you feeling at the moment. Don't pass it at me. Jo! ma kora momi. A mo, you are free to express yourself by using the comment section below.