EFCC Raises the Alarm on FREE N5000 LOCKDOWN FUNDS

Ibrahim Magu thrown into Cell by Police In Abuja

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has cautioned members of the public against fraudulent activities of spurious dispenser and manager of funds to vulnerable Nigerians, ostensibly to cope with the discomfort associated with the lockdown measures of the Federal Government in some parts of the country.


The Acting Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, who disclosed the strange development on Tuesday, 28th April, added that some faceless elements are circulating “FREE N5000 LOCKDOWN FUNDS TO SUSTAIN DURING LOCKDOWN”.


He said, ” The circulation of the fake funds is being carried out online through a phishing link via WhatsApp. The link is embedded with a link titled https://bit.ly/free-N5000.”


“Whenever the link is clicked, it would redirect recipients of the message to a phishing website address https://fg-free-funds.blogspot.com.”


“Visitors to this fraudulent website will find an online questionnaire from which they must respond in order to trigger the phishing”.

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