Eid-el-Kabir: Arafat Day programme, reference and further action

Wonderful Arafat Day programme for your attention, reference and further action:


1. Sleep early the night before the day of Arafat;


2. Wake up before Fajr with the intention of taking your Suhoor in readiness for fasting this day;

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3. Then pray at least two or four Rakaats and while in Sujood supplicate and ask your Lord asking for the best of the two worlds (Dunya and Akhirah) and thank Him for making it possible for you to witness this day in which blessings and forgiveness are provided abundantly;

Eid-el-Kabir: Arafat Day programme, reference and further action
Eid-el-Kabir: Arafat Day programme, reference and further action

4. Before Fajr, spend sometime asking for forgiveness so that you can be counted from among those who seek for forgiveness during the night;


5. Prepare for Fajr prayer and continue asking for forgiveness;

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6. Pray your Fajr and after finishing the prayer remain in your praying place (Musallah)reading Qur’aan and engaging in all soughts of Zikr until sunrise;


7. Pray two rakaats of Shuruuk 15 minutes after sunrise so that you can benefit from the reward of having performed Hajj and Umrah as the prophet mentioned. Please don’t miss this opportunity;


8. After Shuruuk, you can choose to sleep for a while in order to gain more strength for the fasting during the rest of the day;

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9. You can then wake up to pray Salaatul Dhuha, at least 4 Rakaats and continue with your Zikr saying
” لاإله الا الله وحده لاشريك له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شئ قدير..”


10. Pray Dhuhr, say takbeer and read something from the Qur’aan;


11. Listen to the Khutbah  of Arafat from Itv or any other Islamic channel;


12. Pray Asr and continue your Zikr and read Qur’aan until before Maghrib;


13. With about an hour to go before Maghrib, start your supplications asking God for forgiveness, blessings and the best of the two worlds. Don’t forget to pray for your Muslim brothers and sisters including those who are dead and alive. Also remember the day you will stand in front of your Lord. Ask Allah that the sun of Arafat should not set unless that you are amongst the forgiven ones;


14. Azaan for Maghrib – break your fast and don’t forget to make a Duaa during Iftar. Proceed to pray your Salaat and your Arafat Day is complete!


May Allah accept and guide us always to doing what is right and may He make us to be among his favorite servants.


May Allah make me and you from among those that will be saved from  Hell-fire and from those whose deeds will be accepted on the day that nothing will benefit us except our good deeds and May Allah SWA forgive our shortcomings and grant our beareved parent the best rank in Aljanatul Firdausi. Aamiin ya Allah.

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