Eket People using Hair in Bible to cleanse Coronavirus

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

There is a myth going round in Eket, Akwa-Ibom, State of people obeying instructions to use hair in bible to totally cure Coronavirus.


According to the narrator, the people of Eket are looking for strands of hair in bible, do prayer with it, put it in a bucket of water, bathe and drink it.


Read complete narration below:


Story or rumour making the rounds here in Eket and its environs has it that, for you to be completely safe from the COVID – 19 pandemic, the global emergency now shaking the entire world to its foundation. take up your Holy Bible, and run through it page by page, you will see a strand of hair neatly and carefully tucked in a particular portion.


Remove this strand of hair religiously and read some few bible verses at that portion of the blble where the hair was found, for some few minutes.


Thereafter, put the strand of hair inside a bucket filled with water, bathe with it and also drink it with members of your household.


With this you are home and dry with coronavirus infection and it will not come near your dwelling place and the plague will avoid you instantly without adhering to the much touted safety guidelines and precautions. What a world !

Eket People using Hair in Bible to cleanse Coronavirus

Most people I have spoken with have attested to this myth, saying that they have actually seen the strand of hair in different portions of their holy books.


The questions now on the lips of many of these religious adherents and bigot are, how did this strand of hair manage to find its way into various people’s bibles at home ?


Is this religious voodism or mysticism ? Who originated this story in the first place up to the extent of many ignorant believers now struggling to perform this wonderful assignment, in order not to be consumed by the dreaded virus, making the entire globe to stand still ?


How did we come to this sorry state of our religious beliefs and values? Who has created this morbid fear and panic to the citizenry?


Are these signs of end times where false prophets are expected to rise up in their large numbers to deceive the whole world, just for their pecuniary gains? Your guess is as good as mine.


As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord in truth and spirit. Fear won’t kill us.



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