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Elections 2023: 70 Million Youths set to tackle Poverty, underemployment

Elections 2023: 70 Million Youths set to tackle Poverty, underemployment

It is no longer news that 70 Million Youths For 2023 under the able leadership of Tope Adefemiwa, a former KOWA Presidential aspirant has taken a centre stage in concerted efforts towards galvanising massive grassroots supports for this great initiative. In achieving this onerous national objective, the convener have commenced some major sensitisation programmes aimed at sensitising youths from across the nation on ways and means of breaking away from stranglehold of poverty, penury and underemployment which are cancaworms ravaging and retarding their progress over the years.

There is no denying the truism that no nation can attain greatness and stability or survive the test of time if its teeming youths are revelling in abject poverty, penury and underemployment. Productive youths who are agents of national greatness and progress should be accommodated into the national plan. The best way of saving the poor youths from hopelessness and tragedy is by giving solid and express considerations towards alleviating their plights through provision of mass employments opportunities which first and foremost would stem increasing rate of youths restlessness; inequality and poverty.

The Convener, 70 Million Youths For 2023, Tope Adefemiwa, while addressing the press after conclusion of a virtual meeting of representatives of the 70 Million Youths For 2023 on Friday expressed the readiness of the Group to register a formidable political platform that is ready to wrestle political power from this present underperforming administration in 2023.

In actualising this momentous target, he said that the youths have started wider consultations with some relevant interest groups with a view to achieving this lofty goal as soon as possible. The essence of this consultations according to him is to ensure that all youths are carried along in this process and also to achieve some elements of cohesiveness in the envisioned political platform, expressing strong hope and enthusiasm that the platform would be very formidable that moneybags wouldn’t be allowed to hijack it at the formative stage. In view of the fact that the party wouldn’t be involved in unethical practices which had negatively affected our electoral process, the youths party wouldn’t go into any form of alliances or collaborations with the major parties which have been engrossed in corruption and elections malpractices in the country since their intention is to sanitise the systems and enthrone good democratic governance in the country.

Tope Adefemiwa stated that no sooner than the home grown youths Political party emerged in the Nigerian political space and it eventually takes over the Presidency, its first assignment would be to set machineries in motion towards alleviating the plights of the youths through emplacements of viable programmes where their employment needs would be adequately addressed. It is their inaliable rights to have gainful employments towards saving them from abject poverty, penury, diseases, unemployment, underemployment and other forms of psychological trauma they have been crudely and wickedly subjected to under this present decadent, inept, despotic and purposeless government.

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