Eminem’s daughter Alaina Marie, now engaged to boyfriend Matt Moeller

On Monday, Dec. 13, the 28-year-old daughter of rapper Eminem announced that she and her longtime boyfriend Matt Moeller are engaged.


“This moment, this life,” she captioned a few Instagram photos of the happy couple, adding, “Yes a hundred times over. I LOVE YOU.” The pics showed Matt on bended knee during a rooftop proposal at The Monarch Club in Detroit. In another snapshot, Alaina’s gorgeous ring—which looks to be an emerald cut diamond, complete with a gold band setting—took center stage.


Earlier this year, Alaina gave Matt a sweet shout-out after the couple celebrated seven years of dating.

Eminem's daughter Alaina Marie, now engaged to boyfriend Matt Moeller

“While my love for you has somehow grown over these last 7 years, one thing has remained the same – you are my favorite person,” she captioned an Instagram photo of the two in July. “You are my best friend, the best fur dad, and the best partner. Thank you for loving me as effortlessly as you do. Happy anniversary, ILY.”

Alaina is Eminem’s biological niece. Her mother, Dawn Scott, is the sister of the musician’s ex-wife, Kim Mathers. Dawn died in 2016 of a suspected overdose, according to People. Eminem adopted Alaina in the early aughts and opened up about his fatherly duties with Rolling Stone in 2004. As fans may already know, the 15-time Grammy winner is also father to 25-year-old Hallie Jade, who she shares with his ex-wife.


“I have full custody of my niece and joint custody of [my daughter] Hailie,” he told the outlet at the time. “I was always there for Hailie, and my niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born. Me and Kim pretty much had her, she’d live with us wherever we was at.”

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Eminem's daughter Alaina Marie, now engaged to boyfriend Matt Moeller
Eminem’s daughter Alaina Marie, now engaged to boyfriend Matt Moeller

That same year, the musician candidly rapped about his family and referred to Alaina and Hallie as “almost being sisters now” in his song, “Mockingbird.”


Later in the song, he referenced Scott and his daughter Hailie, 25, whom he shares with his ex-wife, and rapped, “Looking at your baby pictures it just trips me out / To see how much you both have grown / It’s almost like your sisters now / Wow, I guess you pretty much are / And daddy’s still here / Lainie I’m talking to you too / Daddy’s still here / I like the sound of that, yeah / It’s got a ring to it, don’t it?”


That same year, he opened up about his relationship with Alaina during an interview with Rolling Stone.

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He said of his biggest rules as a parent, “Teach them right from wrong as best I can, try not to lose my temper, try to set guidelines and rules and boundaries. Never lay a hand on them.”


He continued, “Let them know it’s not right for a man to ever lay his hands on a female. Despite what people may think of me and what I say in my songs — you know, me and Kim have had our moments — I’m trying to teach them and make them learn from my mistakes. It’s almost like juggling — juggling the rap life and fatherhood.”


Anyways, Eminem has a wedding to prepare for!

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