Emzor Pharmaceutical shut down by NAFDAC following Codeine case. #ReopenEmzor #DontShutDownEmzor #BanCodeineNotEmzor

Shutting down Emzor Pharmaceutical company: Buhari is truly clueless.


Nigeria’s biggest pharmaceutical company is Emzor is owned by an Easterner. Hold your breath, I’m not bringing tribe here, just stating the background. The company employs over 300 direct workers and over 10,000 indirect workers. Their products are arguably the best in the country. They have operated for years without scandal and maintained maximum professionalism. Viola, a scandal about JUST ONE drug containing codeine is brought up against them. In less than a month, the Buhari administration shuts them down, pending investigations, which may never be completed.
I’m aware that two other companies faced same fate but my interest is on Emzor as the biggest of them all.
The harsh reality is that over 11,000 Nigerians will be rendered jobless because of this clueless decision. The sad reality is that the company will fold up and over N50 million will be wasted monthly just to service the equipment and cause it not to rust while the workers are away.

The closing down of a company like Emzor because of one drug shows how bereft of intellectuals this Buhari’s government lacks.
Dangote produces cement. We have seen Nigerians use the product mixed with water to commit suicide. Do we talk about their trailers that kill over hundred Nigerians yearly and bring down houses? Does it mean that Dangote cement should be shut down because of such killings?
Codeine is infused into many syrup that I know of, including children’s own, and it has helped to cure sicknesses. That some demented fellow decides to abuse it through the use of drugs produced by the company is not enough to shut them down. That one drug was caught with codeine is not enough to deny sick Nigerians of other drugs that they sell. Is the government not aware that the most popular paracetamol is Emzor product?
The best is to ban the drugs or place a fine on the erring companies, but to shut down an entire plant is the height of executive rascality.
Guns are produced for security officials but has been misused by arm robbers. Has it made the government of any country to shut down gun companies?
NAFDAC should immediately reverse this evil decision targeted at bringing down the bubbling Emzor that will only bring economic woes. They killed Ibeto cement and we kept quiet. They are about to kill Emzor again and we won’t keep quiet.

Carry out your investigations and allow the companies run. It’s bad enough that this administration has brought job losses to Nigerians and more should not be added to the streets. The end result is armed robbery and when it happens, even Yusuf won’t be safe on the road to drive his N140 million powerbike.
Nigerians all over the world should rise up against this economic genocide by Buhari. They should stand up and kick against this evil that’s about to throw our sisters, brothers, uncles, fathers, mothers and relations into depression, caused by the loss of their job.
Say No to it. Lend your voice to it.
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