Petition to: House of Representatives And The Senate: National Assembly – Federal Republic of Nigeria

2023: Rochas Okorocha declares for Presidency, calls #EndSARS protest 'rubbish'
The National Assembly, End SARS’ National Criminal Operation And Reform the Police.
Your Excellency,
Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives,
copy: Senate President.
The Senate House, Federal Republic Of Nigeria
The activities of the SARS across Nigeria is tainting the image of the Nigerian Police. We have been following up on diverse cases for over 2 years now and must say that it has since escalated to an alarming rate.
The public feedback on social media as well as editorials in the print media is alarming to the point that it seems we have the very same criminals in the society in the Police as we speak and this calls for the declaration of a State Of Emergency on our Policing.
On behalf of Nigerians under siege and those who are not lucky enough to survive the onslaught of the SARS, may We humbly ask that you address this sir? It will go a long way for citizens to know you are listening and that they have at least representation at the helms that understand the duty of care our leaders owe to the people. Our hearts are broken as we speak with the feedbacks received across Nigeria on SARS’ illegal and exploitative activities with impunity.
Nigerians are now demanding that the SARS be scrapped and the Police reformed. Thank you for always having the ears for ordinary citizens like us. Do accept the assurances of our high regards and best wishes.
Sincerely, Comr. Osokpor Endurance Emumena
For: Segun Awosanya
(Senior Petitioner)
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