Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force.

“When did i become a Criminal”

On Sunday 30th August, 2020, APC did one of the most successful and peaceful rallies ever conducted in the history of Okpella. It was successful in all ramifications. It was successful both in terms of the massive turnout, the overwhelming show of love, support and peaceful conduct of Supporters. However, the devil will hear non of this success story and must deliberately put spanner in the works.

On this very faithful day, i drove out of the last rally venue in Wad 07, Afokpella with my Tundra and White Sienna to attend a friend’s Kid naming ceremony at Okugbe and was there till about 8:30pm when my convoy left the venue for my residence to take a deserved rest after a most exciting day. Nobody was as much as harassed throughout the joyous POI/MGA programme. God speak through the People and he spoke eloquently on this very day.

Getting home i was greeted by scores of Supporters who were waiting for me at home for the usual handshake after a successfully peaceful programme. I could see smile, joy and anticipation of victory on their faces. It is instructive to note that among these scores of jubilant men, women and Youths was Sam Loco Aronokhale who also came to the house in solidarity. Infact, he told me that he was shocked when he got home and he was told i came to their house to shoot guns knowing that he was right in my house with me when the alleged crime was purportedly committed.

After the usual exchange of solidarity with members of APC in my house, i drove to [email protected] for a birthday bash of another Lady Supporter. MC Aproko was in charge of the ceremony.

I left [email protected] at about 9:30pm for the home of my friend, Mark Adogah to commiserate with him on the demise of his beloved Sister. Prince Kassim Afegbua joined me there. I retired home some minutes shy of 11:00pm and savoured a very sound sleep.

I had scheduled appointment for Monday 11:00am with SCC Nigeria Limited in Abuja. I woke up very early to prepare for the journey. While preparing, i came to my balcony to ask my security to inform my brothers to get ready when i saw the Okpella DPO with several PDP thugs and other Policemen surrounding my house. My first reaction was to go downstairs and meet him but seeing the aggression on the PDP thugs faces, i decided to go back inside my house. The DPO called me on my phone and i told him i didn’t feel safe seeing the PDP thugs faces. That i will report myself at the station, to which, he answered in the affirmative and immediately withdrew the men from my residence. My thinking was to rush to Abuja, meet the SCC officials by 11:00am, defend my proposal and return back to meet the DPO.

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force
Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force

I was on my way in Company of my family members when Soldiers of 109 Special Arms Battalion stopped us at their check point. I thought it was the normal stop and search, little did we know that it was an ambush intended originally to murder me and my family members but for the restraint of the Captain who instead of using Bullets on us decided to use sticks to brutalise us to no end. We were beaten like condemned armed Robbers until some of my brothers fainted. I kept asking, what did we do. While the beatings was going on, they practically tore my vehicles apart searching for non existent weapons. The operation went on for several hours without finding even spoon in my cars before the Soldiers sobered up and told us they were informed that we are Kidnappers and that we were armed to the Teeth. They called the Okpella DPO who came and took me to Benin with the deception that i was going to simply interact with the Commissioner of Police, CP Johnson Kokumo.

Unknown to me that I was yet to meet the worst in this unending nightmare, we got to the CP’s office, waited and was eventually ushered in to his presence. To my chagrin the CP did not allow me speak further immediately i mentioned that i was a PhD student and could never be a Thug.

I was ordered out of his office and handcuffed without a chance of being heard. My statement was eventually taken and i was kept in the cell. Let
me state at this point that this experience is novel to me as i have never been in a police counter before now let alone, in a Police Cell. The experience was as traumatic as it was terrifying. As i write this piece, there is still no single strand of evidence connecting me to the crimes alleged by Paul Aronokhale and his godfather, Akemokue Lukman.

While i was on handcuffs, Lukman came into the Anti- Kidnapping and Cyber Crimes Unit to submit more petitions against me. I asked him a very simple question, “Lukman, after all our years of friendship, do you honestly believe i can set anyone’s property on fire or go to anyone’s House to shoot”. To this question, the Rabbit, stammered incoherently. The only sound i could hear from is snout was that he will ensure that i do not come out alive. He said he will see to it that i do not participate in the September 19 elections. It was at this point i was taking away in handcuffs to meet the CP.

The CP on seeing me on handcuffs immediately ordered them removed. Perhaps, he saw a different me after going through my statement and reading preliminary investigations report. I can understand his first reaction to me having been told so much lies about my person. The Police Commissioner cannot be friends with a Criminal no matter how highly placed, this is absolutely understandable. His subsequent treatment was pleasing and a testimony to his great love for his work, enemy of Criminals but friends with the good Guys. Thank you so much CP.

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force
Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force

For the avoidance of doubt, i hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Masters of Science Degree in Environmental Resource Management and currently on my Doctorate Degree. I am a practicing Engineer duly Licensed by the highest Engineering Body in Nigeria, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

It is important to state that i contested the Edo State House Assembly elections last year, 2019 and there was no single incidence of violence and i won Okpella and Ibie out of the three zones that constitute Etsako East LGA. I am a peaceful man, an Employer of Labour who has seen God’s unending manifestion of absolute positivism. I have no right whatsoever to harbour ill will or be bitter with anyone. I am a business man who understands the essence of peace and will never engage in any act of criminality.

I thank the POI family for the show of love and Solidarity particularly, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu who will never abandon his flock in the desert, His Deputy, my namesake, Mal Abdulganiyu Audu, and a host of very wonderful People who are simply too numerous to mention.

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force
Engr Abu Abdulganiyu narrates ordeal with Paul Aronokhale, Akemokue Lukman and the Nigeria Police Force

My appreciation will not be complete without equally thanking the Nigeria Government, the entire security architecture ably represented by the Inspector General of Police and most importantly, the Commissioner of Police in Edo State, Mr Johnson Babatunde Kokumo, who eventually saw truth and followed the dictates of his conscience to do the right thing.

I am specifically grateful to members of my family who had to bear the brunt of this ignominy. I have always been there for you and will always be there for you all.

God, i give you all the glory knowing that as the all knowing God, you know the hearts of men and can see what we do not see. Thank you Lord.

To those who have decided to paint me with the tar brush, i say from the bottom of my heart that, i have forgiven you. Go and sin no more.

To my friends who are anxious to welcome me home, i say may God be with you and that your pains will soon translate to joy after September 19. POI will defeat our Governor convincingly even with his hands tied to the back. I greet you all in solidarity.

This is my story, my statement of facts.

I repeat ” a Man who drives a Limousine cannot be hungry to burn another man’s tortoise car”. That will be very foolish.

I am

Yours sincerely

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu and I approve every content of this message.

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