Engr. Olu Maduka: We have more infected people, stay home

Engr. Olu Maduka: We have more infected people, stay home

This post is from Engr. Olu Maduka, the first female Nigerian Chartered Engineer.

She posted it on the Ijesha Society platform.


She is Ijesha and married to a Deltan.

Good morning dearest sisters, I was at the Mainland Hospital this week (that just ended), where the State Government is using as Isolation Centre for Covid-19 patient)s and I must tell you that I couldn’t stop tears from rolling down my eyes.


The Government is NOT doing justice to the information they are sending out as per the Covid-19 cases. There are so many people that have been infected, so many of them are already on life support (Oxygen). I even saw a one month old baby struggling to breathe and that’s what brought me to tears. It hurts me so much to see these things.


The figures that are being announced in the news are like 10% of the REAL figures.

I was only there for less than one hour, and 8 corpses were packed up right before my presence, and I was told that some had died in the morning before I got there.


I checked in the news the following day, and continuously for a few days to see if those deaths will be announced, but it wasn’t on the news.


People are dropping dead by the day, on daily basis but it’s not being announced because they are trying to conceal the information so that they will not instill panic among the citizens.


I’m not writing this to instill fear in anyone on this platform, I’m just giving an eye witness report so that I can let you know that we all NEED to adhere to the Covid-19 safety guidelines being announced on daily basis.

PLEASE I implore us to help the government eradicate or should I say annihilate this virus from our dear country Nigeria by staying away from crowded environment and following the safety guidelines.


May Jehovah God of Host grants us the grace to outlive this Corona Virus pandemic in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!!


Olu Maduka

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  1. How can we confirm this write up is coming from Olu Maduka (Engr)
    Is this on her twitter handle or facebook. So that one will not carry fake news

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