There are situations that demand a quick fix with eyes on a temporal solution but definitely not a lasting one. The quick fix done on our tyre when it runs into a nail is just to enable us drive on and ultimately replace it if we are to embark on a distant journey. The nation’s 4 tyres on our bumpy road had been on quick fix for decades as the political lunatics and clueless adventurers wobbled from one spot of quick patch to another leaving millions of Nigerians in deprivation, torture and death.


Enters the helmsman of Enugu state, governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, May 29′ 2015 till date leaving a tale of desecration.

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Like a neophyte, he was guided to the rail of administration with the hope and conviction that the 12years in the house of representatives, with administrative gains from house committees will stand as an advantage. Like a surefooted baby, all expected him to walk at 6months plus but not 7months. The rest is history. The difference we thought he had come to make soon fizzled and dissolved like a candle wax into the drain pipe of history.


Naivety fast warded him into the hands of his haters who wanted him to make an ordinary perch.


Courage is all. This he lacks, accentuated further by loose grip on mastery of purposeful leadership. As he staggers like a political drunk with almost nothing to show for his 7years plus of rudderless rule, he stepped on the mine that triggered the final explosion which eventually consumed him. He preferred money to the people’s love – Barr CHIJIOKE EDEOGA.

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He tuned Enugu people especially Nsukka to Isi-Uzo frequency that rightly deserves the governorship slot considering Isi-Uzo’s rank as pawns on the state’s political chessboard since the return of democracy in Nigeria. As speculations were high and the state’s political wagon on top speed, he engaged the gear on reverse few hours to the sham regarded as PDP primary election at Okpara Square. Some Nsukka indegenes with cases of high blood pressure and the ones that slipped into it on the day of selection are still being watched by their loved ones.


Judas betrayed Jesus but not without consequence. Today, he is choked with ideas on survival line. The more ideas he deploys, the deeper he sinks. Those the gods will kill, he will first make them mad.


The poster of his anointed candidate Mr Peter MBA with the global phenomenon, Mr Peter Obi, unveils his thoughtless, cheap and baby plans to sway the minds of the people. With the realized billions of naira in his account as proceeds from ‘ASHUA’, now does he feel like ‘a dwarf in giant’s robe’. To him now, ‘ it’s better to be that which he destroyed than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy ‘ The volleys of money from the lion building -turned cash out center to individuals and groups, accidental appointments/jobs to acolytes and communities, approval of autonomous communities to further polarize and fragment the already impoverished people attest to loss of grip and shallow scheme for survival.

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Hon CHIJIOKE EDEOGA is an enigma. His charisma, humility, exposure, a scion of disciplined family, a Fulbright scholar, still water that runs deep, calm and calculated, an independent thinker, no allegiance to a godfather, a lion when the jungle is challenged… anointed by God for this noble role at this time to loosen the grip on the throat of Ndi Enugu by visionless, inept and value robbed clique.


All acts to remain afloat by the embattled governor amounts to the last flying kicks of a dying horse.


Dr Nobert Ike writes from Onitsha, Anambra state.

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