Eucharia Anunobi: Long Hours Of Sex Does Not Bind People

Nollywood actor and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi has said that having long hours of sex doesn’t bind people together. She made this known in a video on her Instagram page.


Read the caption of the video below,

“Deception thrives when the truth is not told. Long hours of sex is not what binds couples together, otherwise all the men would have been bound in the gallows of lust by prostitutes. Singlehood is not stupidity. aloneness should not drive you to that slaughter bed because of that ” itch “

Judges 16 : 1 – 21 , Proverbs 4 : 5 – 7 , John 3 : 16 , Ephesians 1 : 18 .


Recently, Eucharia Anunobi announced her admission into the University of Witchcraft.


She disclosed this in a video posted via her official Instagram page, calling out to new students in a statement signed by Satan, to attend the university.

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The cleric said, “Admission!! Admission!! Admission!! This is a notice to the general public that the University of witchcraft is now open for new students.


Some of the courses for study will be:

Research Methodology – For snatching your colleague’s husband or wife (309), For Understanding the principles and psychology of homosexuality or lesbianism, bisexuality, use of Kanyamata, Yahoo Plus, leaking of your sex tapes, calling the phone numbers of your church members instead of preaching the gospel, pretending to be a Christian in church but being Oloshos on social media (419).

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And please if you have not submitted your project topic on the topic: “How to beat your wife mercilessly even if she’s the bread winner, how to cheat on her, how not to pay your children’s school fees and pretend that men are promiscuous by nature”, you will not graduate.


“Admissions start by 12 a.m and ends 12 midnight 14th of February 2022.

Rector: Satan.”


Also, Anunobi berated Nigerians who build big houses in their villages.

Eucharia Anunobi: Long Hours Of Sex Does Not Bind People
Eucharia Anunobi: Long Hours Of Sex Does Not Bind People

In a video she shared on her Instagram page, the thespian said that it’s a waste of money to spend so much money on building a house in a place where one rarely stays.


She however suggested that rather than building palatial houses in the village, people should build estates and lease the houses out at a subsidized rate.

According to Eucharia Anunobi, by building and leasing estates in their villages, they’d be helping humanity.


She said, “You may not like it but that’s the truth…You go and sink in your village where you rarely stay house, houses or an empire that you’re spending billions to build where you and your family will rarely stay. Is that not foolishness?”


Read what she wrote below, “Why build monumental monuments as village homes that you don’t live in regularly but visit once or twice a year, and where you may not even retire to, or even if you eventually retire to it , it’s manageability becomes a big problem.


“Why don’t you rather invest in building estates and provide affordable housing for humanity!!

“John 8 : 32 , Proverbs 4 : 5 – 7

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