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Ex-Biafra soldiers: “Don’t insult Biafra with your valueless Naira” – Gen. Orji warns Buhari

by Onuoha E. Onuoha
Ex-Biafra soldiers: "Don't insult Biafra with your valueless Naira" - Gen. Orji warns Buhari
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Biafran National Guard (BNG) has frowned at the recent news making round tabloids that the Federal Government of Nigeria has finally approved the payment of gratuities and emoluments of 102 ex-Biafra soldiers.


The Federal Government had approved the payment of gratuity and other emolument of 102 ex-Biafran soldiers who were granted Presidential pardon by President Muhammadu Buhari.


The Minister of Defence, Maj.-Gen. Bashir Magashi (Rtd), disclosed this at Army War College Abuja on Friday at the ministerial briefing to flag-off the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

Ex-Biafra soldiers: "Don't insult Biafra with your valueless Naira" - Gen. Orji warns Buhari

He noted that although most of the personnel involved in the war are no longer alive, hence the reason only 102 war veterans are selected, saying those who are still alive with genuine complaints will be attended to in due time.

“It will interest you to know that the Military Pension Board just concluded the documentation of ex-Biafran service personnel totaling 102 who were pardoned by Mr. President.”


”The war ended 51 years ago and many of those involved are no more alive but those with genuine complaints can come forward with their claims for consideration,” the minister said.


According to him, payment of pension and gratuities to retired military personnel have been prompt and regular.


He added, ”In line with the anti-corruption stand of the present administration, the Ministry of Defence in conjunction with the Military Pension Board conducts regular verification exercise for Military pensioners. The exercise is intended to streamline and check leakages in the system.


”The Ministry would continue to engage the pensioners through relevant organs like the Nigerian Legion, the Veteran Affairs Division and the Military Pension Board to ensure that Government obligations to them are met.”


But in an interview granted in Ambazonia, the General Officer Commanding Biafran National Guard, General Innocent N. Orji described such fictitious payment of gratuity and emoluments as both non-existent and laughable.

He noted that the Federal Government of Nigeria is only being jittery after the demand of Biafran National Guard  for the immediate release of 19 prisoners of Conscience remanded at Onitsha and Awka prisons ad-infinitum without recourse to rule of law and rape of judicial process.


General Innocent N. Orji further said the Terrorists infiltrated Government of Nigeria knows that Biafra is around the corner and that the children of the rising sun are here to take what rightfully belongs to them.


He therefore warned all Biafra war veterans never to fall into this trap and warned Muhammadu Buhari and the relevant pension ministers to take their emoluments to the Caliphate.


In his words, “You can’t forgive whom you offended. You can grant pardon to an Army you never fought and that was never defeated nor crushed. Biafra fought the global world powers to their utter amazement and displayed their ingenuity defending Biafra Sovereignty for 3 years until the War was declared “No Victor, No Vanquished”. So who are you granting pardon and who are you paying pension and emoluments after 51 years?”


“I warn whoever it is that is in Aso Rock to go to hell with his whitewashed pension and emoluments and advice that no ex-Biafra soldier should submit anything or collect the cursed Naira as this will be a slap and a spit on the flag of last world power on Earth”. “You can forget Biafra war veterans and exclude them from the God-given resources then all of a sudden remember only 102 ficticious ex-Biafra soldiers 24 hours after BNG made a public statement”.

General Innocent N. Orji further assured all ex-Biafra veteran soldiers to remain resolute as BIAFRA is around the corner and will pay them in Biafra pounds in less than no distant time. “Soon we will pay all our heroes and heroines and immortalize those who have fallen, pay their children and generations unborn till the world ends”.


“I also seize this medium to remind all ex-Biafra soldiers to key into the BIAFRA NATIONAL GUARD Live broadcast slated for 27th-30th, October, 2021 and I warn Muhammadu Buhari and all his Fulani cohorts in the name of Ministers and Politicians of Northern extraction that nothing unbecoming should happen to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a Radio Biafra Activist in their custody, the 19 prisoners of Conscience detained without hearing for 16 years in Onitsha and Awka prisons respectively and all other Pro-Biafran Activists held in various detention facilities in the expired country Nigeria because i General Innocent N. Orji, the General Officer Commanding Biafra Army will not hesitate to hunt down Muhammadu Buhari and his entire household, friends and well-wishers and all Fulani descendants to their last man including all Igbo business and political collaborators if anything unbecoming happens to Nnamdi Kanu and or any Biafran Activist remanded in any prison facility both in the North and South of the expired British contraption”.

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