EXCLUSIVE: Oyetola’s Coronavirus Diary – Small Story.

EXCLUSIVE: Oyetola's Coronavirus Diary - Small Story.

The pharmacy owned by the Special Adviser on Public Health to Osun State Governor sold 1 litre of Hand Sanitizer at the rate of #6500 while others sell at the rate of #2800.


Commissioner for Health allegedly brought a Coronavirus patient from Lagos to Osun state and advised him to lodge in a hotel.


A second case of Coronavirus patient suspected to be high profile personality was kept from the public glare and till this moment, the government did not reveal the identity.


Barely 4 hours to total lockdown, Oyetola announced a 21-man committee to solicit for relief funds.


127 Abidjan returnees were conveyed to the state and locked up in a secondary school and 18 tested positive. These returnees were not separated during isolation and the governor has discharged all negative cases.


Within 48 hours, the Chairman of the committee was replaced after Pastor Enoch Adeboye donated the sum of N22 million.


Out of the three senators in Osun, one is reportedly positive of the virus yet sponsored radio jingles on Coronavirus, another distributed plastics with taps while residents of the other are still looking for him.


Prints of donor on food times are more large and quality than items distributed.


Oyetola launched Osun food bank and directed that all NGOs or individuals who want to give people relief items should take it to the food bank.


Out of all Fed Reps in Osun, four distributed bags of rice, sanitizers, beans and nose covers, other members engaged in camera-pulling philanthropy and the relief materials of another were rejected by constituents with a silent message that they are not beggars.


The Speaker of the state assembly distributed bags of rice, sanitizers, nose masks. A member of the house in Ijesa North distributed food items, sanitizers and sitted two boreholes and organised awareness programmes. Another member in Ife distributed 1000 sanitizers and later food items. Other state members also engaged in camera-pulling philanthropy while others watch as their people ruin in hunger.


One of the Commissioners in Osun state reportedly distributed loaves of bread per household in some localities. He freely gave out breads to people so that they would not die of hunger till the last day of lockdown.


24 hours to distribution exercise, the 21-man committee on Relief changed to Intervention Committee.


Osun citizens have spent 7 days out of 14 days in Sanyeri’s mode of lockdown. The food bank is still pilling up while people are dying of hunger. Now that they are ready for food distribution, bags of rice would be distributed per polling units; two bags per polling unit.


Financial expert and excellent administration who has spent 35 years in private and public services approved two bags of rice per polling units.


Oluwo of Iwo, ILOKO ELECT distributed hand sanitizers and food items for their people.


In my polling unit, the total number of eligible voters is 756. Let us assume that 50 voters have lost their lives, we have 706. We all are poorest of the poor or let us assume that 200 are not poorest of the poor, we are left with 506 voters. Dear excellent administrator and financial expert, how do you intend to share two bags of rice for 506 eligible voters sir?


No fewer than 67 travellers from Cote d’Ivoire are reportedly on their way to Osun state as I write this piece.


Barely 24 hours after the state reportedly recieved grants, one of the Coronavirus positive cases in the state recovered and tested negative. E ke Halluyah!


Governance is not a rocket science. I have read about people who apologised and took a bow in saner climes over inconsistency, lack of absolute management skills and gross incompetence.


Eyin Nu Olohun Nu


Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo, writes from Osogbo, the capital of Osun state.

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