‘Anambra Can Be Better’ remains one of the most achievable and realistic project that is well equipped to take Anambra state to its destination of development, job creation and economic growth.


The current atmosphere in Anambra state without any iota of sentiments demands nothing less than an achievable system, although many Political movements have come up with different slogans as to catch the attention of the masses and woo them into fans and supporters, this is the situation report today as “Anambra can be better” of Ezeemo remains the mother of all slogans among various camps in the Anambra Governorship race which is the dorminant language among the popular supporters of the chairman of Orient groups and PDP Frontline aspirant Mr Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo ‘Achinagbaraoha’.

The best Translation of this epic slogan ‘Anambra Can be better cuts across all spheres of life thus: Power which is pivotal to every other sector of development, then we talk about Health which is unquantifiable and beyond any negotiation as a healthy state is a wealthy Society, then we talk about Agriculture which remains an undeniable and focus primary need of humanity, next is Security of life and property which cannot be over emphasize, we move to address Education and then our Environment.


Interestingly, the above dimensions that gives birth to this loudable slogan is under what Mr Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo called “PHASE²”.

Mr Godwin Ezeemo is a governorship aspirant in Anambra on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), it is obvious that the race for who will take over the Barton from the underperforming APGA led government in Anambra state places Mr Godwin Ezeemo at the forefront to clinch PDP ticket owning to his cast popularity and acceptability, not just that but also his wide and visible Antecedents in the state which none of his compatriots could match his record.

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Mr Godwin Ezeemo who since last year make known his ambition to run for Anambra governorship under the umbrella of PDP stated that “Anambra can be better is not a mission but a vision motivated by strong passion, he stressed that as a social Entrepreneur, with a reputable experience in human capital development and resource management. He is much qualified to take over from this present administration and get Anambra working again.

Mr Godwin is consistent to drive home his vision and assurance to ndi Anambra about his passion to Transform Anambra into a giant economy, to bring about massive job creation and make the state the centre piece of development.


In his recent interview with a popular media channel Mr Ezeemo has this to say about his ambition.

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“I have taken time over the years to study the situation of my brothers and sisters in Anambra state, I have come to understand and share in the pains and challenges which they have been experiencing over the years, I have been living here with them and I can say it without mincing words that I understand and share in the good and bad situations that sorrounds living and working within Anambra state.” He continued.

“Notwithstanding the undeniable clamoring for gentleman application of zoning system was never my focal and ultimate motivation, obviously my ambition is purely based in what I can do,what I have the strong capacity to render to my State, to better the life of both young and old, I was born and raised in my village Umuchu, Aguata local government, I have visited the whole communities in Anambra state, I have established many Industries in the state and all are functioning till this moment”. “This indications are obvious of my undeniable quality and competence to take the lead and get Anambra better”.


Mr Godwin Ezeemo will definitely emerge the PDP flag bearer because the party members have so much trust and confidence in his capacity to win the election and restore the state to same light as H.E peter Obi paved the way for such democratic Leadership in the state.

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