FEM Challenge: Obaseki responds Tinubu with Davido’s voice

Governor Godwin Obaseki has once again fired shots at Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as he joined Davido’s FEM challenge on Thursday.

FEM Challenge: Obaseki responds Tinubu with Davido's voice
FEM Challenge: Obaseki responds Tinubu with Davido’s voice

With few days to the governorship election in Edo state, Obaseki has continued to respond to the statements made by the former Lagos state governor, telling Edo people to reject him at the poll.

Tinubu, in a sponsored broadcast on Tuesday, said: “He (Obaseki) does not deserve any democratic ballot paper. Don’t vote for him, I appeal to all of you.”

“I want to appeal to you to reject Godwin Obaseki in this coming election. I have suffered with many others to bring about this democratic regime, that today, we are enjoying in the country. Then, Godwin Obaseki didn’t participate in any aspect of the struggle to enshrine democracy in the country.

“Therefore, he could not understand the value and the pains associated with this democratic struggle.”

However, Obasek swiftly responded on Tuesday by telling Tinubu that he cannot extend his political empire to Edo.

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Obaseki said: “Tinubu knows clearly that come September 19, when godfatherism would have been dismantled in Edo State, the people of Lagos may just have found the recipe and formula for removing the chokehold placed on their collective destinies for decades by Tinubu, hence the inciting television broadcast.”

And on Thursday, Obaseki launched another attack by telling Tinubu to “FEM.”

FEM is a recent song by Davido that simply means “keep quiet”.

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According to Davido, “To the people talking about you because they don’t understand your shine, they don’t understand your grace, they don’t understand why they can never be what you are or have what you have… we say #FEM!“

Watch Obaseki’s FEM response to Tinubu below –

Edo election is this Saturday.

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