Anyone who is surprised, shocked at the revelation about Femi Fani-Kayode by Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi probably have not been following socio-political events in the country for at least the past 20 years. Dr. Bolaji described FFK, as Femi Fani-Kayode is fondly called as -Judas Iscariot, Esau, Heir apparent of a traitor lineage (which runs in their DNA just like his father betrayed Awolowo), a man who doesn’t lack character but has no character, a mouth in service of his stomach and so on.

Judging from his antecedent, nothing best describes FFK more than SERVICE OF HIS STOMACH. He works for his stomach. Since he lost out in the power game after Obasanjo’s tenure, he has deployed his literary skill and eloquence to make money, by attacking successive governments. Yardua was not spared of FFK’s venom until his unfortunate death(God bless his soul). Femi so tormented Yardua, that he felt he will make it into Jonathan’s inner caucus, if u like kitchen cabinet or cabal through his boss Obj. Still, he couldn’t make it into that cabal for one thing, CHARACTER ISSUES.Members of any cabal in any organization, private or public maintain some form of honour rightly or wrongly. They need people of character depending on the goal.


Immediately Femi lost out, Jonathan became his new enemy. He tormented Jonathan for 3 years and a half. FFK went as far as threatening war on National TV, called Jonathan unprintable names. In the process FFK decamped to the newly formed APC then. At that point El-Rufai, Amaechi, Oshiomhole were super good people because his next meal came from them. He took it out on Jonathan, calling on the ex-president to explain how $100b from Oil was spent . He said horrible things.


Obviously, he was positioning himself for nomination as the Vice-Presidential candidate of anyone who emerged flag bearer of the APC presidential ticket. He played his game so well but of course, much as he can generate nuisance value for a political party, he lacked character. On seeing that he was being outplayed, perhaps by the Tinubu group in the same party with him, he raised alarm and started drumming the DANGERS OF MUSLIM-MUSLIM ticket,which the public ordinarily did not pay attention to, ab ni tio. He drummed it until the public bought into it and the party had to change strategy and considered Osibanjo. Immediately, sensing the danger of losing of money and power, he visited Jonathan in April,2014 to negotiate his return to PDP and how he can use his venom to push Jonathan’s interest and campaign and how the corruption case, Yaradua instituted against him will be quashed. Jonathan desperate to return swallowed it hook,line and sinker. He directed Nenadi Usman the then minister of state, finance to release N866m from tax payers money meant for arms procurement to FFK as a BUY OUT CLAUSE from his then party APC. Even though FFK disputes Nenadi’s figure of N866m, he admitted receiving N800m..But what’s the difference between N866m and N800m, afterall Nenadi must make something off an unaccountable fund.

Whilst FFK was still in the APC then, he rained INSULTS ON THE IGBO RACE at every chance he had, the idea was to push them out of the scheme of things. He called them names and went to the extent of telling the world that he once slept with Bianca Ojukwu, just to spite Ndigbo, knowing that Ojukwu is regarded as the Leader of Ndigbo.The rest they say is history.


What is most intriguing is how FFK could use the minds of the most intelligent minds/race in Nigeria,Ndigbo.He simply, started by distorting history of the Nigerian Civil War.He told how the North killed the Igbos etc etc, he never mentioned that his boss Obasanjo and T.Y. Danjuma played some of the fiercest roles in that war against the Igbos.He is so skilled at changing narratives,that he made both men heros of Ndigbo instead. In all, he FFK though wanted money from Buhari or appointment, but most importantly, his target by those who use/sponsor him was to skim Igbos out of the 2023 race. Knowing that if he succeeded in pushing them against other tribes,especially Yorubas and Northerners, then by 2023 if any party gave their ticket to Igbos and Yorubas present another candidate from a different party, since the ticket might likely come to the South in 2023, then your guess is as good as mine in the outcome of that election. So FFK was prepared for the kill of 2023 dream.


And the longer a region stays without power, the more politically weakened it became ( take it or leave). FFK understood that our people were extremely EMOTIONAL and he sure played on our emotions. He couldn’t use his own Yoruba race because they were as smart and even smarter than he was. They understood politics is about INTEREST and not enmity, but somehow our people forgot Zik’s lessons that politics was about interest,and nothing more and that such interest could change along the way. We became hate mongers because of FFK. We openly called out, insulted any tribe who disagreed with us. Femi used Ndigbo to achieve their 2023 aim.

Then came Nnamdi Kanu who had opportunity to change the tide but his arrogance blew his chances. Somehow, he gained so much following in Igbo land, but didn’t know how to manage power and figures. He didn’t know that every political dispute in the world was about POWER and nothing more. He became a god to himself, rather than have an inner cabinet of foresighted minds, who would strategise on how to use those numbers (mass followership) and turn it into power and negotiate better at the centre. What was required was to float a new political block, run the required propaganda and get everyone Igbo son and daughter into that party. Direct them on candidates of the party to vote.


Nnamdi Kanu with such massive and unprecedented following amongst Igbos ( home and abroad) could have influenced the winning of Governorship elections in all 5 South Eastern states and even deliver almost all National Assembly and State Asembly candidates through his party, because rigging against him and his crew would have been almost impossible. And that is power. Imagine him, controlling 5 states and assembly members, he could easily negotiate from the center, but seeing his potential power and that he could use it for political relevance, Femi Fani-Kayode quickly moved in, made him a brother and kept him on the path of violence and miscalculation, without ever showing or allowing him to think. He encouraged him to see himself as a god who was answerable to no one. The deed was done.


It will sure take so many years to recover from the misdirection from FFK. He will return to his home on or before 2021 as the build up to 2023 continues. Yes,he will return to his home. For them, it is not about party but where the interest of their people, the region lies.

Femi Fani-Kayode is a skilled traitor; a master of his craft but only uses the ignorant.


The Yorubas do not take him seriously as evident in his results. With his massive following on social media (90% Igbos), he could not win his polling unit for Atiku/Obi, neither did he win it for Jonathan.


As the build up to 2023 continues,  just watch out for the skilled traitor, Femi Fani-Kayode.




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