Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity

Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity

Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity – – Nke onye chiri ya zelu, the race I saw now doesn’t give me the liberty for pleasantries, so forgive me if I fail to start this Morning with greetings or say Good Morning, it is only a shallow race that Ladies Ran holding the breast to stop it from bouncing, when it is Race to stay alive, everything ran unrestrained.


After I watched what that Woman did to Serving Senator Akpabio, how She was determined like Delilah of the Bible who for reasons I can’t tell drag the Husband unto death and with happiness in her mind.


Delilah is just an average woman, but her passion was to end the Dynasty of a great Man, Sam
son the great, who also was a Leader in Isreal, in those days Isreal have leaders, either a Priest of Prophet.

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Delilah knew that Samson loved her to a fault and the reciprocatoral attitude of the Lady was to keep sourcing for where is his Power, so she can end him, she wasn’t thinking on how to help the ministry of the Husband, how to give him a Heir, how to be Ochiora Lady, she just have a mission, destroy the Regend in a Legend and she succeeded.

Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity
Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity

Contrast with Judas iscariot, a Man after selling Jesus and collected the money, hung self out of guilty, but Delilah after they gorge out the eyes of the Husband, she started dancing and merrying, no guilt of any kind.


Same is applicable in most Ladies of Today, when the Husband is doing well, She and her Mother or friends will only plan on how to end the man in his prime, so the daughter of Lucifer shall stand on his money and cruise the world, which they start by buying Cars the Husband won’t dream of while alive.

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Little wonder Jesus never add not even one woman to his disciples, but I digress.

Today, most Rich Men die in their prime and mostly engineered by the Spouse, before they lay the man to grave, not to rest, the woman must have bath up, bought Brand New Vehicles and line up Young Boys that takes Viagra, so she will be having unrestricted Sex and careless what the World will say, a situation you can’t find in a man.


This situation has reached ogini na afio, where if a Man dies in his prime, the Family should bring OGBONGE DIBIA or place the Wife on Altar to swear if she has a hand on the demise.. Call me primitive or callous as if I care, but the heartlessness of young Ladies this days are scary, I have seen enough, heard enough, plus I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU, So I know what I am talking about…..Coming out of digression.

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Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity
Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity

Feminism is an act of frustrated Ladies, Ladies who were sent out of marriage, Girls who ended their lives as Runs Girls, so they came out in unified demonic Bond and swear to make many lives miserable.


Check any Feminist you know, either she is a Lesbian or Divorcee, Beautiful without Brian, must have slept with over a thousand Men before she realized they are Evil worthy of destruction.

To cover the rots in their history, they decided to find an Umbrella that covers them, that way nobody will be the wiser, so as a Feminist, the friends and family won’t know she is running away from a checkered history and the Rots she lived at younger age.

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Some of them ran to Church to pretend as Born again, a case they have to settle with God, for you can fool men but not God.


You can’t find a working class lady shouting Rape, because she is working and have a brighter future, but any Girl who failed in her academics, who has no future, who has no Job even as Factory worker are mostly the ones who shouts, just trying to get a Sofa to fall back on.


So after watching how mean that woman was to Akpabio and how Akpabio waited to vent, until he appeared in the Panel of Robbers who wants to try a Pick Pocket and he made them cry..
Honorable Minister it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK.. Kindly off his Mic….

That showed that he has a serious bite, but he knew that what the Lady wanted was to place him on the History book with Samson and he wisely jumped and pass.


It is time, when a Lady said she was raped, she will be taking to an ALTAR or Deity to repeat the accusation, then the case goes spiritual..


They have destroyed many Men and lives, and it gets worst that many Men especially those living with Fear and Bondage will always support such flimsy provocation, even when it was glaring that she lied with clenched teeth.

I am not saying that Men are Saints or that they don’t rape or indulge in so many atrocities, but women of this days has borrowed the evils prevailing in Europe, America and rest of the ruined world, where a Man will sweat all his life and later marry one mischievous Delilah, a small domestic provocation she will invite Police who won’t ask what is wrong, but drove the man away from the house he bought, the life he built and then the daughter of Jezebel will inherit his life, a life she knew nothing about, a sweat sweated over years with tears and trials.

Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity
Feminism the package Doom that will Exit Humanity

It started when Feminism succeeded out there, the men are now living in absolute Bondage.


That is what our women wants here, well somebody should tell them that it succeeded in Europe and America because they place trust in Police and Judiciary because it works for them (Figuratively), we Africans have our own Justice and ways to pursue justice, if what makes them happy is to accuse men of what they did not do, men should start involving deities as Judges, so Ebunu ga afu Ndi kpu Aturu(Ram will have direct view of Sheep).

I remember when American ladies thought they’ve made killings on accusing Stars, especially Black’s and ruining them by shouting Rape, they met a Man and match in Kobe Bryant who prefer to meet that Maggot in Court, and during discoveries, it was made manifest that the Woman is a Whore and many black Stars learn a lesson on it.


So before we Africans finds selves in such quandary, we should nip it in Bud, if a Woman shouts Rape, the Man should shout Justice and take her case to Shrine or wherever Justice without mercy can be obtained, they have ruined enough lives and families.


Lady, when a man rapes you, the Animal can’t be spared, after reporting him to Police, report him to God or OGBONGE deity, so he can’t escape Justice, taking him to those Maggots posing as Feminist only makes you appear cheap and they slander your name and make you object of ridicule.

By the way, many of this Feminist are they blind and deaf over this Mothers who maltreat Housemaid, scald them with Hot water because they are not their own.


Kept them Hungry and out of school, or is the Maids not Feminine enough for them the Feminist?


Does it mean those innocent Young girls doesn’t deserve justice or the anger is focused on Men only?


Everyday you read how a mother cause Bodily harm on the life of a Maid, nobody fights for this innocent one’s.


(Aritole just passed like that and no feminist mentioned shi)

The hard truth is that the Curses they mistake for life in the Western world cannot, will never work here… Women has the Ultimate powers out there but in AFRICA men has the Final say and if you don’t like it, migrate to Europe.


I am Mazi Odera POg JP and I speak the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the truth.

I beg us to accept my truth with good faith, if we don’t, I simply revert to the needful, which is shoving it down throats with smiles.

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