FESTUS CHUKWUEMEKA OMAREMI is the Chief Executive Officer of Remi Chuks Enterprises, a conglomerate that offers various human services and employment. These include Remi Chuks Pharmacy and Stores, Remi Chuks Laundry and logistics, and Remi Chuks Salon.


He also served as the Chief Protocol Officer to the Honourable Commissioner for Lands Anambra State Government. A Principal partner at Essential Cargo handling and logistics.


Chukwuemeka Festus Omaremi a noble Nigerian was born on 22nd February 1991. His birth was not the less exceptional and didn’t come with a presidential celebration. At school age, the young Festus who became creative from tender age enrolled into Central Primary School Igbedor. For 6 years Festus distinguished himself in the elementary academics and in 2001 he obtained in the First School Leaving Certificate. Then his quest for knowledge widened.


The naturally gifted Festus gained admission into Edoba Community Secondary School. At the Secondary School, his creative mind leaped further and aggressively sort for the betterment of himself and humanity. There the teachers first understood his rare leadership abilities and availed him the opportunity to excel.


In 2007 Festus passed the Senior School Certificate Examination. He was even more prepared for the world ahead but will first acquire more education and exposures.


This quest for more education took Festus to the University of Nigeria Nsukka. At the University of Nigeria, Festus studied Education/Accountancy and obtained a bachelor’s degree. The journey to the University was a great training ground for the full manifestation of the man “Festus”. It was at the University that the leadership abilities we celebrate in this great leader blossomed. Students’ Union was a fertile ground and a great instrument to mold Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi into an icon.


In 2014 when Festus was leaving the University with a degree in Accounting Education, he also left with a mindset for human development and productivity.


To uncage his abilities and services to humanity, Festus first embarked on the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps in 2015. As a true Nigerian, he served his fatherland at the Koroama Community Secondary School in Bayelsa State where he engaged in teaching activities. He was a distinguished Corp Member.


His quest for knowledge is never weak because he went further to acquire a Master’s degree in Accounting in 2021.


His distinguished academics and administrative skills earned him an Honorary Doctorate degree in Public Administration, 2021 from the Triune Biblical University Global Extension, New York USA.


In the cause of his services to humanity and contributions to economic growth, human empowerment and productivity, Festus has worked at various times in life in different positions. He has grown through the ladder of dedication, hard work and success.


At Koroama Community Secondary School, he was a teacher and performed all duties associated with the teaching job, marking scripts, drawing lesson plans, examinations among others.


At Matrix Gold Ltd, Festus worked as a Sale Representative. His duties were to draw sales plans and schedule business while sourcing for clients. He has specific targets to meet and as well market the company’s products and services.

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Festus left Matrix Gold Ltd for African Child Empowerment Centre where he started job as an Administrative Officer before becoming an Account Officer.


Here Festus literally combined the two and helped the company to prepare monthly financial reports, analyze and implement budgets, receipt payments and donations, respond to inquiries and document information among others.


At Remi Chuks Communication, Festus was an accounting and marketing officer. He prepares, plans and projects company’s market aims while manning its financial duties and records.


As a leader, Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi held the following positions of leadership and served creditably; Onowu, (Prime Minister) Nze na Ozo of Students’ Union Cultural Council, Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe 2010.

Studio Manager (SM) Orientation Broadcasting Service at the NYSC Camp Gombe State 2014.


For his creative Services Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi has received the following awards;

Honorary Doctorate degree in Public Administration 2021.

Triune Biblical University Global Extension New York USA, 2014/2015 NYSC Gbarain-Kingdom Award Winner.


Leader of Most Outstanding Team of the Year, 2014 Batch C Corps Members Gbarian Kingdom Yenegoe Bayelsa State.


Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi believes learning and training are continuous part of human life and development. He has continued to learn and participate in seminars, conferences and trainings.


Among the very many, he has successfully attended are the following;

  • ICT Training Afrihub Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nzugbe,

  • Sale and Marketing Techniques Training,

  • HIV Counseling, Prevention and Testing Training,

  • Peer Educator Training Under the NYSC Reproductive Health Training,

  • Leadership Management Training,

  • Training on Conflict Resolution through Sports,

  • Millennium Development Training [MGDS


As a special individual mind Festus has an uncommon ability to lead, teach and manage human and material resources with transparency and accountability. He absolves pressure and this shows the ability to work under pressure and deliver results.


Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi can be described as a young man whose daily activities have impacted others in achieving success in pursuit of common interests.

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