For those calling Ifeanyi Ubah an Accidental Senator

For those calling Ifeanyi Ubah an Accidental Senator


Ifeanyi Ubah the Accidental Senator: This for those calling a sitting Senator accidental.


Hello I’ll ask a simple question.


Do you know in Nigeria today that Anambra is of the strongest/toughest when it comes to politics
Then when it comes to Anambra state, Anambra south has the toughest politicians?

Now Senator Ifeanyi Ubah won the Senatorial seat with far margins – he scored 80 thousand plus, the second got 50 thousand plus – That’s to say he gave them 30 thousand plus to win.

You also knOw the heavy weights he defeated.


Last Anambra gubernatorial elections Willie cried to Ifeanyi Ubah for assistance on the day to the election they came to take Ifeanyi Ubah to Abuja because the APC wanted Anambra state by all means. Ifeanyi Ubah told the federal government that they can’t deny his rights to vote. They allowed him come back to Anambra then he voted, then championed Willie’s second term.


Now can you tell me why u called him accidental?

I’ll advise you stop making your self look stupid to the masses here ok.


Calling a sitting Senator accidental means you have no respect for your own boss even.



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