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Four reasons men may not approach you for Relationship


Four reasons Men may not approach you for Relationship – – Women are more emotional and might be down at any moment when the wrong emotional button is clicked. Nobody wants to feel rejected especially by the opposite gender; it hurts a lot.


As a woman, being ignored by males and not being approached like your friends can be very depressing and disappointing. But as we all know that any woman in such a case is the architect of her misery and not that potential partners are blinded.


If you want to know why you are not being approached and how to change it, here 4 tips:

Four reasons men may not approach you for relationship
Four reasons men may not approach you for Relationship

1. Bad reputation

What you are known for by the majority of people matters a lot. Has your personality done more good than bad to you? If you are terribly mannered then a boy coming your way just doesn’t know about you. But in a matter of minutes, everyone within your radius will know how poorly mannered you are. It is said that outer beauty attracts a man but only inner beauty can keep him.



You wouldn’t want to be that girl men doesn’t last long with else it will damage your reputation and chase potential partners away. Ask your friends for a bad habit scan and let them tell you what’s so bad about your attitude.

Four reasons men may not approach you for relationship


2. Personal hygiene

A poor hygiene is a very great turn-off to the opposite sex. Not being able to take care of yourself and look approachable keep men miles away. You might wonder how a man knows that you are putting on that underwear for the third time but what you don’t know is that your level of hygiene reflects on every side of you. Learn to keep away all forms of bad odor, look smart and take care of yourself then watch things change.

Four reasons men may not approach you for Relationship



3. Your status

Most women give off an intimidating energy without knowing it. Most men are always afraid to approach a classy and snobbish woman for the fear of being rejected. Even your wealth status affects these too, whereby having a car drives men without a car away and you have hardly seen one with a car pull up for a girl in a car too. Always try to be friendly and put up a smile so that people around you can feel much comfortable.


4. Appearance

This is the first impression a stranger will have about you. It talks about your dressing, body shape, hair-do, and face beauty. Looking more feminine and attractive makes you a hot spot and attract even your crush. Being in shape matters too, and wearing the right makeup says a lot. But one thing you should know is that being unattractive or ugly isn’t necessarily the cause of not being approached because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Learn to keep up with the above advice and watch things change but if you continue having the same problem, just know that people around are just not interested and everything is okay with you.



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