Funke Akindele: This Story of The Visit to Sen Dino Melaye Told in Comparison

Some days ago, I needed to see Sen. Dino Melaye for his views on a video I was working on. (It was about the Coronavirus pandemic).


I packed cameras, lights and everything I thought I would need for the interview. I was so sure that I would get his audience.


I had earlier on ensured that me and my crew had our wear face masks and of course sanitized our hands.


We got to his house and I was wise enough to ask my boys to stay in the cars we brought. (We maintained social distancing and had only two people in each car).


As soon as we got to his gate, the security man who attended to use pumped sanitizer on our palms and allowed us in after getting clearance.


Sen. Dino Melaye ensured that we sat miles away from him and me and my partner from each other before he began his lecture to us.


He told us that we were not supposed to be visiting anybody during this period at all. He asked about our travel histories in the last few months. He advised us not to go anywhere again after that day and said he would rather send a video of whatever question he was to answer to me through Whatspap. He only allowed us in considering the distance we covered to get to his place.


He packed some bottles of sanitizer and handwash, which he said we should give to people and sent us off with more admonitions.


As big as his house is, he was uncomfortable hosting just two of us. He made sure that he maintained reasonable and prescribed distance and didn’t joke with the social distancing order.


Well, Funke Akindele just might have wanted to make her husband’s birthday memorable, so excitement didn’t make her reason well that she had too many people in her small living room. She was exposing herself to dangers, the same way she was unknowingly exposing others to it.


Being an ambassador of the social distancing order and flaunting the same rules she enjoined others not to break was bad, but then, we all innocently break some rules at times.


She has made a mistake, we have all learnt from it. May God make things easy for her as she faces the law.


Sen. Dino Melaye might not be the darling of some of us, but he has proved to be a good ambassador of the social distancing order. Let us give it to him.

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