Galyn Gorg of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, dead at 55

Galyn Gorg, an American actress who appeared in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air passes away.


The TV and Film star has died on Tuesday, 14th July, at the age of 55 following a battle against cancer.


Her sister made the anouncement via a post on Facebook on Wednesday.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up in memory of the actress and to raise funds towards funeral costs.


A message on the fund-raising page states: “Galyn Gorg was and is huge part of our family, she means so much to every one of us.


“She was diagnosed with cancer throughout her entire body and lungs.

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“The doctors claimed she only had days maybe a week to live, and after remaining optimistic and praying for a miracle, she has sadly passed.”


The message continues: “We were unaware of just how sick she was as the diagnosis was a shock to the entire family.


“We hastily bought tickets to Oahu without a second thought, as she was getting treatment there.”

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The statement goes on: “Since spending a great deal of time and money, we are now looking for donations for funeral services.

“Any donation is greatly appreciated, even prayers! If possible please share, we want to send her off beautifully as her heart and spirit were filled with generosity, love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.”


Galyn had an impressive CV of television and film appearances over the years.


She played a character named Helena on a 1996 episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and played a character named Angie in the 1990 film RoboCop 2.

She had a guest role opposite Tony Todd in acclaimed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, The Visitor, where she played a Bajoran woman named Korena.


Twin Peaks, Xena: Warrior Princess, M.A.N.T.I.S., and Star Trek: Voyager.

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