After ratification of the last Lagos State Congress, there have been concerted plans to ensure that the party performs woefully in the coming 2023 general elections. The mastermind behind this plot to ensure the party records a disgraceful performance is Chief Olabode George who leads the faction that is hell-bent on burying PDP in Lagos State. All attempts to hijack the processes leading to and the elections of Ad-hoc delegates are pointers to their semester plan.


It is sad to note that whereas the Chief had always had total control of the State party structure, with gross failure, all other leaders who opposed him still rallied around his state executives’ offices to ensure the party performs well at each election. This present state executive is far different because the Chief has vowed that rather than being humiliated, the house must crumble. If he can not have control, there will be no PDP in Lagos State. This is the reality we face now with all the signals revealed from each step the Chief and his members have taken.


We shall make mention of each action for us all to see the extent they have gone and are still willing to go. Firstly, Governor Seyi Makinde’s attempted to bribe the Director of Organization but was exposed when the Whistle blew on him. Secondly, certain dishonorable members of Lagos State PDP stormed Wadata to cajole staff of the Organization Directorate to divert all the State Ad hoc delegates to themselves. Hon Rita Orji, Hon Fateema Mohammed, Otunba Segun Adewale, Hon RMD to mention led the plot which is still in process. We can reveal that the Deputy National Secretary, Setonji Kosedoh, and the National Publicity Secretary have also been drafted into the plot.



With all these, they seem not to be satisfied as their plan is a complete defeat for the party at the polls. The group has become more lethal in the attacks and has secured an injunction to stop the Ad hoc delegates’ elections. They plan to stop the 5 principal officers from the ward to the State level from voting in the election and are imposing an alien procedure whereby only Ad hoc delegates which they have hijacked through the Director, Adeyemi Moyegun to vote. Even with the fact that they are aware that the current principal officers gave birth to the present National Working Committee, the Chief has told his group that there shall be no retreat or surrender. If he doesn’t control the State then there will be no peace in the party. The election of the five principal officers must be declared illegal and null and void. The laughable excuse of this desperate group is the comparison with events in Ekiti State where they claim principal officers did not vote whereas it is the reverse as it is the principal officers who actually voted in Ekiti State!


Since the antics of the Director of Organization has not been curtailed, the future of the party is now threatened. The current National Secretary needs to be reminded of the role this same Director planned against his gubernatorial ambition in 2019. Indeed Adeyemi Moyegun has stepped on too many toes! The process of the coming National Convention is being threatened and this will affect the election of a Presidential candidate for the party. Maybe reality will dawn on him when the party has been destroyed.


The NWC needs to urgently step in to curb the disintegration of the party because one man in Lagos State has failed to produce the State Chairman and the other principal officers. The Chief has to be called to order and advised to explore all available processes to seek redress within the party as the implications of dragging the party to a court shall not only affect the State chapter but also the National Convention. Court processes are not exclusive rights of any group. The NWC is reminded that it is the ward congresses that is being declared illegal that gave birth to the National delegates from Lagos State that voted at their convention. The implications of the steps taken by this group will greatly affect the party if not curbed

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