Gani Adams Inaugurates 7,000 Security Team To Protect Southwest Territories

As part of the efforts to protect the territories of Southwestern states of the country, the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams on Thursday, in Osun State, inaugurated 7,000 dependable security team among Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) members.


Also, 25,000 members were penned down for verification exercise for the security team and members were drawn from all local government areas of the state.


The OPC leader who agitated for regional autonomy pointed out that if the government could consider the request, it would make every region secure their territories against terrorists and their terrorism.


The Aare Onakakanfo while inaugurating the members of the team in Osogbo, affirmed that the step taken was essential to secure the region against attackers.


Iba Gani Adams who assured that the group would go the extra mile to ensure that the lives and properties of People in Yoruba land are adequately protected maintained that there would be no cause for alarm on effective training to be given to the newly inaugurated members.


He added that “OPC would ensure terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and other people evil perpetrators who infiltrate the region are flushed out completely in no distance time and warned the adamant amongst them to keep off the zone to avoid the wrath of the group.”

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The generalissimo who pointed out that the South West security outfit co-named Amotekun Corps has done 40 per cent in combating crimes in the region, called on Lagos State to join the queue by putting in place its own Amotekun outfit to better secure Lagos state territory.


While explaining what gave birth to the Amotekun corps in the region, Iba Gani Adams said that, when security threat persists in the region, they called a South West Security Conference where all governors in the zone met with some stakeholders and agreed on the formation of the security outfit to combat crimes and reduce insecurities in the region.


He however posited that apart from dealing with those caught with criminal acts lawfully, said all their accomplices from Yoruba land would also not be spared to face the consequences of their conspiracy with external forces.

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According to him, “We will secure Yoruba land with all our strength and powers while our territories would never be porous for external forces to invade.


“Security issue is not a political issue and our Protection must be built all over the zone. Security threat in the country has given it a bad image in the world but in the South West, we will no longer sleep with our two eyes closed to address the issue of insecurities.”


Iba Gani Adams who disclosed that Osun State would be the 4th state where a dependable security team had been inaugurated by the OPC, remarked that the group had given instructions to all state coordinators for security congresses to address the issues of insecurities.


“New security department is being put up in Osun to build up security apparatus to reduce security threats and it has come to the state for it would be fortified to make it perform its duty well as expected.”

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While expressing displeasure on the unemployment, joblessness, famine, starvation and other decadence in the societies, he condemned the “I don’t care attitude” of government act which he attributed towards the plights of the governed.


He however appealed to them to emulate Chief Obafemi Awolowo whose conduct was laced with truthfulness, straightforwardness, dedication and empathy.


“Since the majority of them claim Chief Awolowo is their political father, they should tow his path in acts and deeds,” he said.


Also speaking at the occasion, the Coordinator of OPC in the state, Prince Adedeji Aladesewa said, “without doubt, we have about 25 thousand members ready for the verification for the dependable Security team today and I can assure you all of our readiness for the job ahead.


From what you are witnessing today, the strength of our members in the state is so wide and spread across the nooks and crannies of the state.”


“I wish to appreciate the concern of Iba Gani Adams to make the South West a better place in the configuration called Nigeria.”

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