Gbetu Top 10 Mass Communication Entrepreneurs in Yabatech

They say unemployment is on the rise in Nigeria but isn’t that the same talk we’ve been blabbing since clearly year 2000? With fact, as at March 2018, the Nigeria Unemployment Rate was raised to 14.2 per cent in a straight poll carried out by Trading Economics. Point is, with the preaching and bell ringing topics and orientations by top business men and women in the country, a good number of these youths who are really affected look for different ways to dodge this ‘humble-pest’.

As sweet, funky and mind-blowing as the entertainment industry is, many in Nigeria have refuse to see this industry as the country’s biggest enemy. The reason? Its utilization.
This industry have given the false message of quick money – the music and movie industry is a good example; been used for political distractions, civil distractions and so on. I tell you this for free but you know it already, 80 per cent of student who attend universities, especially in Mass Communication Department who are into entertainment, which ever kind, will tell you they are doing it for the certificate…. Very Good, isn’t that entrepreneurship? Yes it is but I can tell you straight that this same set, know not up to 10 per cent of what is being taught in that same department.


But if we slid this topic away and pick a bright side, the set of people below will certainly prove as justification to the certificate reasons, point that Mass Communication Department have the highest number of hard working youths and entrepreneurs and that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is not rising but the rather the rate of lazy Nigerian Youths.

Anyways, I will be introducing ten of the finest talents and entrepreneurs in the Yabatech Department of Mass Communications in this article, this set of people over the years have been able to merge journalism and business or talent display. They have been able to detach from the 14.2 per cent.

Kindly ignore the professionalism in some of the photos and focus on what they got to give….DOWNLOAD MC T – 3AM VIBES

Top 10 Mass Communication Entrepreneurs in Yabatech

Chidimma Ekwute Vivian
Popularly known as “Mma Ejike” after a stage play, Chidimma Ekwute Vivian have become a graceful talent to hang around with. The actress and model is a 300L student of Mass Communication who has over the years encourage other actors to do business aside acting and schooling. To prove points also into facial make-up, fashion design and real estate managements.
To encourage the youths in Nigeria she has for years now depended and patronised made in Nigeria products and preaching to making the styles more affordable and trendy – Aso-oke, Adire and Ankara get much love from her.

She has modeled for Kikikimanu, Tonialuchicollections, Sisterstyle, Hipensembles, Rherheswimwears, Houseofhautevou , and a host of others on runway. She is a super freelance model with no agency.

She has also been featured in City To Country Magazine, the Miss Model Of Africa edition.


Damilola Yusuf  Noimot.

Damilola Yusuf  Noimot goes by nickname, DamDam or Cutie’D. She is a presenter and writer from Ondo state.

Damilola have been presenting for over two years now but still crave to be trained more on it.

Since presenting deals with showing, exhibiting or introducing someone to the public she has also made sure her foundation is well laid reading a lot and expressing through writing.

Her stories are based on imaginary things(fiction) and also non imaginary things(non-fiction) depending on her mood. 

Read her Circumstances of Life.



He calls himself the “Micman” and over the years he has been considered and respected with this stage name.

Talabi Olalekan Oluwanifemi, best known as Micman takes total control of stage and mic on every of his performance with his rap and singing swagga. Well known in Yabatech, from Mass Com. Department, the music butcher have come to be known over years.

This Ogun state indegine is a dynamic musician who has worked with likes of  Drum Phase, Antras, Liquid Mix and so on. His music “Miogbori”, is still doing well in Lagos State.

With his music genres being Hip hop, Afro pop, Highlife, Hard Core Rap, Commercial Rap, Dancehall, Micman hopes to get bigger in Africa.


The Nigeria Music Industry is not a place you can become a mega star over night without some extra work or push thats why he push and smuggles himself to many Tertiary Institutions, Parties, Road Shows, Concerts. To mention a few, he has performed at the “One Lagos Fiesta in Ikorodu in 2016 and 2017”; Club Royal, Ikeja; Silver Cafe in Yaba; Epic Lounge in Ikorodu and many others.
The dude dreams big, looks forward in working with artistes and producers like – Akon, 9ice, Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, Young John, Sarz, Don Jazzy, Legendary Beats, Master Kraft, and so on.
Sydney Idehen  Imuwahen 
I once wrote a article about Davido where he linked Music Culture and Food at the Midem 2018. It got to a point OBO boldly said they should come to Nigeria, I believe that was a serious boast ‘cos since then I now see to Nigerians swaggering with Ankara on to those VVIP events without second thoughts. Many other celebrities have taken suit and that I appreciate. Currently there is an argument on social media about Igbo culture, sliding off the argument i would say the same with the Yoruba language. You telling me not to speak Igbo or Yoruba in your office is like telling an Indian or Frenchman not to speak their language in their country. And there, the stupidity bell rings again….
But my love for Ankara just told me to let it go and just focus my attention on SYDNEY‘s products…. magical fingers!


Best known as “Eva B”, (could be Eva Baby), Sydney is an Edo girl who is into Ankara shoes and bags mostly for ladies. She is also merging school and personal business.

She can use any other fabric and does not rely on Ankara alone.

Sydney learnt this trade in 2015 and in 2016 and have been making money for herself with it ever since. She has sold to individuals and have been fruitful with using it for various projects.

Though she has refuse to disclose the business name, I think “Sydney Alankara” will play well. lol!

This lady can make Slippers, Big blue clutch, Small clutch and so on. To work with her, kindly call or Whatsapp 08176576600

Joseph Okere

Moving on to a mam who is swimming through sports and Scrabble as his entrepreneurship life guard is Joseph Okere, though he calls himself the “Scrabbler”.Joseph goes around Lagos with his team training Kids and Adults on how to play and win in the game Scrabble. Therefore, he is a Scrabble Teacher and Tournament Player from Edo state.

Scrabble is a word board game which helps both young and old with their spelling skills, maths skills and vocabulary. SCRABBLE also teaches moral and etiquette. Teaching scrabble in schools helps inculcate this gamesmanship spirit and advantages to the young ones.

Out of curiosity, I asked Joseph how Scrabble help Nigerian children in this era of sex entertainment. He bluntly replied “Scrabble can change ones mental mind. It is a game of the mind and brain, so with scrabble as a sport it can change a persons personality. Scrabble has alot of advantages to a persons personal live, it also helps teach moral and discipline and also inculcates the habit if sportsmanship into kids.” I don’t know if that helps but it kinda sounds like Karate.

Just so you know on entrepreneurship fact, this has proven to be a fine source of income for Joseph but the sacrifice didn’t start today.
Joseph as a tournament player represented Yaba tech in the NIPOGA 2017 and is preparing for the NIPOGA 2018. He started playing officially in 2014 whilst in secondary school and has represented Lagos state in different tournament’s and won medals.


Though Scrabble have been announced not to be featured in upcoming SPORT FESTIVAL slated for November 2018 involving all states, Joseph hopes for a rethink on the next.


In order to promote the game as a ‘scrabbleprenure’ him and his team have initiated and promoted scrabble amongst students in Nigeria through the AWOSIKA SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT FOR SCHOOLS; RABIU ADOLA under 12 SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP and NATIONAL SCHOOL SPORT FESTIVAL(NSSF).

You can check him out at the Surulere Scrabble Club.


Maryanne Nwenu  Amarachi


Lanre Makun have made so much in events managing and decorating and Marryanne thinks its time they start sharing that money.
With DE-MT as business name the Eboyin state indegine have stayed strong on Event decoration – weddings, birthdays and so on.
Maryanne started as an apprentice in 2013, in 2017 she decided to start her own movement but since this business is secondarily about manpower, she went into partnership with another young decorator and there came the name DE-MT an interesting acronym from names combination.
The company have decorated for St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Agbele, Redeemed Christian Church, Mushin, AFED and so on.
She just love to creatively add beauty and glamour to event venues.
Tolulope Yusuf Ebunoluwa
Tolulope Yusuf ,also called TMz_Tbag is a young woman who is still building her love for journalism. She, as at the time of this post an  Online Administrator/ Manager at Original Kel Media Concept, a media group based in Lagos.
She is practicing event coverage, video editing and public relations.
Olayemi Olabode

Olayemi grew up as what you will generally called a bad child – a child who just like spoiling walls with paints and pencils. I can’t imagine how often he would be caned but over years he has turned it to something better.

Olayemi Olabode is a creative person, who is into House Painting and Decoration; Wallpaper and 3D Panels installation. The love for this Ondo born has made him create his own business called the “Bidworld’s Creativity”

The Bidword’s Creativity is a creative brand that offers any service that has to do with painting, printing, wallpaper, 3D panel installation and general wall decorations. 


Merging school and business just got creative.

Taiwo Ogidiolu Tijesunimi 
Popularly know as Governor TJ, Taiwo Ogidiolu Tijesunimi has chosen to make a living with acting.
Acting is basically a showcase if different characters to pass a message and Taiwo has been into it for 8years,
The Ekiti state actress have built her strength in Church Stage Dramas. She hopes in Nollywood deals.
TJ has acted at Unilag in a program organized by Action Health incorporated(AHI) in 2008 against female genital mutilation, MFM Singles Program 2012, at weddings and churches. She is an MFM Prayercity star.
She hopes to be better and ‘breadths in mentorship’ from persons like Mike Bamiloye and Funke Akindele.
Hilary Enwereji  Onyemauchechukwu 
And finally the man who has decided to make a living through Laundry.
Hilary Enwereji  Onyemauchechukwu also known a Hilary Wise is a Laundryman from Imo state who owns and runs Crystal Clear Laundry Service. And just as the name implies, he runs it really good.
He started this personal business as a desire to contribute to nation building and reduction of unemployment and currently he has to people working for him on a stable and constant monthly salary, he hopes to increase the number soon.
“Many of us have benefited from the structure of our society whether you love it or hate it. We must now give back to it; This thinking is the beginning of the birth of nationhood. The idea that we owe our society something.
We must not resign ourselves to always calling out for helps and hangouts, reaching out to be given something by the government or government representatives. We must make a solemn decision to play on the field to become involved and to be spectators no more. We must gladly render services and seek to improve our society. We must dream bigger and higher to create for ourselves a posterity, a more secure, prosperous and a worthy of emulating society,” says Hilary.


Hilary, just like the others he has taken steps to avoid the tag “Unemployed Youths” and created a new one, “Youthpreneurs“.
I hope that 14.2 rating on unemployment points to another direction. Its important we solve these things ourselves until our government start having our time, until then, take a walk.
Damilola Yusuf  Noimot
Damilola Yusuf is also a young woman building her career. She is is into Presenting and Writing and is also known as DamDam or Cutie’D.
The Ondo State indegine have been presenting since 2016 and would love to train further and be known for it.
Do Something, if you are doing Nothing
Business Presented:
– Modeling
– Acting
– Music
– Ankara 
– Interior Decoration
– Scrabble
– Event Decoration
– Media
– Laundry 

Uncle Fadaka
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