Ghanaian Transgender under fire for using Female Toilet

Ohemartin, a Ghanaian Transgender is under fire for using Female toilets with a male organ.


Ms Ohemartin is the Ghanaian version of Bobrisky, a male who is transitioning to become a female and puts it all on Instagram.


Like Bob, Ohemartin is mostly female but is yet to fully transition and hence still possesses a male organ. Ohemartin also bombards Instagram with her photos looking very feminine, just like Bob, but much better.


She’s the next guest on the Delay show and as usual, the television presenter did not hold back.


Delay is famed for being the most difficult interviewer in the industry and she did not disappoint.


She quickly jumped in and queried Ohemartin which public restrooms he uses – male or female?

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She replied that she uses the female ones.

Delay then asked why she does that? Adding if ‘she’ doesn’t see it a violation to female privacy.


Earlier, on ‘his’ new life, Ohemartin in a photo said he is unapologetic about his trans lifestyle and if that is a sin, then so be it!

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‘If this is a sin, don’t forgive me😋’


Ohemartin has seriously been causing a stir for social media users, especially his followers.

The cross-dresser has got this curvy body and feminine look all along. On top of that, he looks chubby and very confident in himself because his body is actually a dream for many ladies out there.

Ghanaian Transgender under fire for using Female Toilet
Ghanaian Transgender, Ohemartin

Ohemartin capitalizes on his curvy looks to tension people online.


He likes to show skin, and on days that he’s covered, his body still does the teasing.


Ohemartin also disclosed that she always dresses like a man to church.


Known in real life as Emmanuel Hughes, the popular Ghanaian transgender who identifies as a woman, said she wears male attires to church because she wants to be seen in her raw state.


“When I go to church, I’m just normal with my joggers and shirt. I dress like a man to church. I do that because I just want to be in my raw state. Even women have their raw states,” she stated in an interview with Delay.


Delay then quoted the part of the Bible, Deuteronomy 22:5, which states that; ‘A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD your God.’


“I have read that part of the Bible but as I said earlier, God knows everything.’ Ohemartin responded.


Ohemartin added that she feels uncomfortable discussing issues of Christianity, adding that it is a very complicated topic.


“I go to church a lot. But when we talk about Christianity as a topic, I feel a lot of people want to bring God into issues of how people should act or who they chose to sleep with. It’s very uncomfortable and that is very wrong because even in the bible, God says come as you are and not as you pretend,” she stated on the Delay show.


Watch the video below;

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