Ghosts by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

Ghosts by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

We all will be ghosts someday,
Those who has died are ghost,
And not corpse,
As we considers our ancestors,
But if they appear right now;
We will start an athletic race.
Well, that’s my case
And on a good pace.


I have seen a ghost,
Few have also seen one,
Ghost exist,
As long as humans exists,
Ghost will hunt us,
As long we keep late nights,
Ghost and late nights;
Are Inseparable
As Ghost mostly operate at night.


Ghost are nightmares,
They remind us of the world beyond,
We get scared when we encounter one,
But very firm to speak about them,
We don’t like ghosty movies at night,
But at day, we can watch all we like,
We created the imagination of Ghost from experience,
Whoever had one, is a strong man.


I saw a ghost and my head swells,
My eyes firm,
My body stiff,
And I couldn’t speak,
I saw a ghost as a host,
That my feelings got roasted,
And my mind, busted.
Ghost are real believe me.

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