Gimmehear: 5 WAYS TO SHAVE PUBIC HAIR by Temi Badmus

Ok so its about that time we discuss those hair spaces people don’t usually talk about. I would have love to join the cue but there happens to be more activities around those angles and the worst-sweet activity know as sex always start and/or end there.


This is why today I have decided to feature another post from Temi Badmus titled “5 WAYS TO SHAVE PUBIC HAIR”.



On this one Temi goes one sided on why the hair should’t be kept at all. I think that’s selfish since hair on some spot are useful to some people and in some country, this is me not even discussing the emotional attachment people place on pubic hair growth.

El blends valentins Day


I felt savage where she said “To me, I find keeping pubic hair as a sign of dirtiness…”. Like seriously?


Read complete article below:



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