Girls, don’t turn your life to a casino!

Girls, don’t turn your life to a casino!

Girls, don’t turn your life to a casino!


Dear Mummy Temilolu, you are one of the important women in my life. You’ve been a great mother to me. Thank you for all you do. I’ll be 20 years old on Saturday and I know that if I had not been reading your articles since my early teens, I’d have made many sexual mistakes. Your words have formed me to be a better person. Thank you so much for your constant words of encouragement. I pray God blesses you and enlarge you more than you can imagine!


– Pelumi

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Girls, don’t turn your life to a casino!
Girls, don’t turn your life to a casino!

Dear Madam,

I stumbled on your article “God is super-committed to Virgins” on twitter.


I am a 28-year-old virgin, and I met a guy who said he loves me early this year. He came all the way from Anambra State to Port Harcourt to see me. I went to see him in a friend’s house and he tried all he could to have sex with me. Yes I love him but couldn’t give him what he wanted. To shorten the story, when he wanted to return to Anambra State he refused to come and see me and when I asked why, he said if he sees me that his mood will change and he will start feeling the urge to have sex with me. What do I do in a situation where I’ve fallen in love with him?


I want to visit him in two months and he said he loves me but don’t want to date me and be having sex outside. How do I get him to understand that I don’t want to have sex till my wedding night? HOW DO I GO INTO THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP?



He even asked me the day we saw to just make him “release” even if he doesn’t go all the way but I couldn’t oblige him because to me that’s impure.

I want to keep a godly relationship. But I think he doesn’t know how to control himself when he is with me. Do you think it’s okay for me to go and visit him?


–  Jennifer





My darling, precious, golden and uncommon Jennifer,


First, I thank God with all my heart that the guy you discussed didn’t rape you! Who would see you as beautiful as you are and ever believe you are a virgin? You’ve done so well, I’m so proud of you and sure God is mighty proud of you too! Hmm…but why are you allowing your emotions get the better of you such that you’re gambling with your life? When did you meet him? Where do you know him from? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CARRY AS A 28-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN??? Only a man who pays your dowry should have access to your body and your spirituality! Haaa…He doesn’t deserve you and he’s not worth troubling your soul over my dear- after all the pain, denial, hardship and temptation you’ve endured??? Do you know how you weigh and what you are before God? Please don’t let the devil finally “get you.”


He shouldn’t even come close to kissing you because if he does and with the strange affection building up inside of you, you are the one who will eventually open up her thighs. What do you think he has that you have been looking for in a man that God cannot give you in another man 10 times over? Take a chill pill my love! Don’t let loneliness and family/societal pressure push you into the hands of someone who would mis-use you! Take it or leave it, any man who knows your value would ask for your hand in marriage and wait till your wedding night! This one will mess up with your emotions and bolt! YOU’RE TOO MUCH AND GOD IS GOING TO SEND YOU A MAN THE WORLD WILL CONSIDER TOO MUCH before the month of June in Jesus name! You don’t deserve any less.

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Please read some of my nuggets on chastity and get some more conviction!

  • God has planned “wonderful wonders” for some this year but they’ll transfer it to others through ungodly sex. May you not lose what should settle you for life! Stay chaste!
  • Girls, sexual intercourse is a risky spiritual transaction! You should take the risk with just one man! May your life attract a spouse that’ll catapult your destiny to greatness!!!
  • The more you engage in ungodly sex, the more you reduce in the spirit of God! Is there any man worth that? May the devil not kill the giant in you!
  • If you’re still a virgin, you don’t know what you carry, PLEASE DON’T LOSE IT YET! If you’re no longer one, abstain till your wedding night! May God re-organise your destiny!
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