Good Governance; The Genesis of Effective Security Network In Any Human Society

The Essence of Leadership in a society is to provide the right Security Apparatus that would help galvanise, direct, protect, maintain and sustain Effective Coresponding Followership which can only be made possible when Alber Vein Dicey’s 1885 Book “An Introduction to the Law”, where “Equality before the Law and Supremacy of the Rule of Law” are fundamentally placed above all Political Cabals and Super Powers in the Nigerian Society. This in turn becomes the Democratic Fulcrum to which any society thrives of which the Nigerian Sociopolitical Milieu is not an exception. When Such Practice Is Effective and Practically Applicable to the Nigerian Sociopolitical System of Federalism Administration, Her masses in turn would definitely feel protected and continuously subscribe to such Belief System that protects their rights, votes, economy, polity, cultural norms, values and most importantly Lives and Property.


Overtime, the reverse has seemed to be the ovbious case in the North East Region of Nigeria as the People are now seen as helpless locusts in the face of terrorists and bandits whose activities have not only increased and dominated such Region but seem to be overlooked by those saddled with the responsibility of Safeguarding Nigerians from that part of Her Nation is not only appalling, apologetic, dismal, but a slap to Her National Integrity and Cohesion She was promised Efective Security in 2015 when this administration took over the Political Helms of Affairs that have not been about to keep to their “Six Months Promises of Putting Insecurity to a Standstill in the Country”. This Ugly narrative we now face nowadays goes to justify what the Great Greek Philosopher said in his work and that is “the consequences of bad leadership are as a result of the people being governed by inferiors”, who in this case are the clueless Nigerian leadership who have been unable to provide adequate Security Apparatus for the past Six years pf this current failed administration that has proven to be the worst Political nightmare Nigerians have ever had in their political history which in turn is pathetic and not what the masses bargained for with their votes in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

Quoting the words of William Shakespeare, “What a Rash and Bloody Deed!” but what can the Righteous do if not to hope for Better Days ahead especially as from 2023, when Nigerians having learnt their political lessons from the current administration would ” Sensibly and Carefully use their thumbs and ballots decide their own Political destiny as a people who believe in true leadership and also have the capacity to sustain it overtime”.

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From the foregoing, it is very crucial and important for us to understand that the genealogy of Insecurity in Nigeria as today is as a result of Poor and Ineffective Leadership coupled with Her Gullible Followership whom as a result of poverty, Hunger, Starvation, and Impoverishment easily resort to Bribery and corruption especially during electioneering periods where Political Jobbers capitalise on to impose Self Centred Individuals who will never put the interest of the Masses First when they get elected into their various elected positions of authority and responsibilities, thus Making the Poor to Get Poorer while the Rich Also Get Richer which has culminated into a Suffering and Smiling Situation for over 80% of Her 200 Million Population which is never a Good Sigb Poster for Eefective Security Network in any Society.


Having known this obvious fact, the onus now lies on YOU AND I to make sure that we elected capable individuals from the grassroots to the National Levels that would in turn rejig, re-energize, and resuscitate the dying state of Our National Security Network because Good Governance is the Foundation to which Our Security can thrive which should be based on a “Bottom-Up Approach” as explicitly seen the case of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki from Edo State whose MEGA STYLE of Effective Leadership has brought unprecedented and unpredictable Sociopolitical, Economic and Administrative Growth, Development, and Sustainability to His Security Super Structure and other Sectors like the Edo Basic Educational Sector, Agricultural Sector, Infrastructural Sector, Sports and Entertainment Sectors, Civil and Public Service Sectors and even the Political System where individuals are now employed, empowered, and appointed strictly on MERIT and not godfatherism which is another canker worm that has eaten so deep into the Fabrics of Our National System of Administration and Entity.

Further Tribalism and Cultural differences should be abhorred and eschewed at all levels as the need for us to come together as ONE INDIVISIBLE ENTITY would go along way in Promoting and Sustaining Our National Unity, Progress, and Security Network because when we all come together to Take Responsibility by taking a stand against bad leadership at all levels, then Effective Security would be Our Reward in the end.

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