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Goodluck Jonathan Broke The Rotational Presidency When He Contested Twice – Sheikh Gumi Declares

Goodluck Jonathan Broke The Rotational Presidency When He Contested Twice – Sheikh Gumi Declares
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Popular Northern Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Gumi has taken to his Facebook page to react to the outcome of the meeting between the Southern Governors. Recall that 17 notable Southern Governors met in Lagos to deliberate about issues affecting the country.


In one of their resolutions, the Governors agreed unanimously that the next President should come from Southern Nigeria after Northern Nigeria had enjoyed eight years of rulership. Although some Political Pundits agreed with their view, the majority of the Northern Politicians kicked against it, referring to it as a gang up against the North and a perceived threat to democracy.


Reacting to this, Sheikh Gumi simply refers to the Southern Governors’ resolution as turning the clock backward.



According to him, he explained that rotational Presidency is the unconstitutional practice of the Peoples Democratic Party back when Olusegun Obasanjo was in power. He stated that when the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists keep increasing in the North, some Political classes agreed that to lessen the attacks, power should be given to the North.


However, after Obasanjo finished his term and Yar’dua assumed office, the North only enjoyed two years of his Government before Jonathan, a Southerner assumed office. Jonathan then went further to contest in 2011, which he won due to the Southwest votes, and also contested in 2015, which he lost due to the Southwest votes enjoyed by Muhammadu Buhari.


Speaking further, he reiterated that Jonathan’s involvement in 2011 and 2015 has terminated the rotational Presidency policy, adding that the people are now more interested in electing competent leaders irrespective of religious, ethnic, or political differences.

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