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Gov. Bala The Fulani Terrorist – Gov. Ortom

Gov. Bala The Fulani Terrorist - Gov. Ortom

The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has described his Bauchi counterpart, Bala Mohammed as a Fulani terrorist.

Ortom while addressing journalists at Government House Makurdi on Monday also alleged the Bauchi Governor may be among the armed Fulani who want to kill him.

“Some herdsmen wrote me a letter that they will kill me from the way and manner my brother and Governor of Bauchi spoke in support of herdsmen carrying arms, I suspect that he is one among the Fulani who wants to kill me and should anything happen to me they should not look far,” Ortom stated.

Gov. Bala The Fulani Terrorist - Gov. Ortom
Gov. Bala The Fulani Terrorist – Gov. Ortom

He expressed shock that a Governor, who took oath to safe guard lives and property, will openly support armed herdsmen who came from Ghana, Niger, Libya etc to kill in Nigeria.

Respect Benue Laws Or Go And Carry AK-47 In Bauchi -Ortom Tells Herdsmen

He warned herdsmen who carry arms should go to Bauchi and not stay in Benue.

Governor of Bauchi, Bala Mohammed, had justified the carriage of AK-47 by herdsmen, saying that was the only option herdsmen have for self-defence.

While clarifying the statement which generated criticism, the Bauchi governor said AK-47 was used as a ‘figure of speech’.

But the Benue governor told the herdsmen that they could live anywhere in Nigeria provided that they would be law-abiding.

Ortom said, “Nigeria is not governed anyhow. It is not a Banana Republic. It is governed by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. The constitution gives power to all our governors in all the states to preside over the land of their states on behalf of the people, and they’re the only people who can give allocation and can permit people to stay where they are. And so, bandits cannot find a forest and come in to hide under that forest.

“I want to tell those Fulani men. They should not come to Benue. Benue state is governed by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Benue state also has laws guiding it. Once you’re a Fulani man with legitimate papers, you are free to stay in Benue state and do business according to the laws of our land.

“Anyone who is not willing to respect the laws of our land should go and meet Bala Mohammed, then there you can carry AK-47, and you’ll not be apprehended. Here, when you come, we’ll apprehend you. I want this to be known.

“We are not against any tribe, especially the Fulani people, but rather against terrorists, killer herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers, and all types of criminals within the state.”

Bauchi Gov part of conspiracy to wipe some people away from Nigeria – Ortom

Gov. Ortom also advised Gov. Bala to revisit his oath of office, adding that the governor had failed in keeping his oath of protecting lives and properties of his electorate.

“I’m beginning to think that my counterpart in Bauchi is part of the terrorist Fulani Organisation terrorising the country.

“The governor should go back and reread his oath of office whether allowing foreign Fulani Herdsmen to come into Nigeria is part of the oath.

“I think he is part of the conspiracy to wipe away some people including Benue State”, Ortom Stated.

Earlier, Ortom said the people of the state were not against any tribe residing in the state but that they were rather against terrorists, killer herdsmen, and bandits.

“Every tribe has the right to reside in Benue State, so long they respect the rule of law, but as long as they refuse to abide by the law, we will make sure that the law catches up with you.

“We will make sure the security agency arrest and prosecute you and if you are found guilty, you will be jailed.

“We are against bandits and terrorists, you can see how we disarmed them here in Benue, when Gana was disturbing the peace of the state, we placed N50 million for anyone with useful information about his activities.

“No kidnapper in Benue will be spared. Whoever you are, we will go after you and make sure you are apprehended.

“The issue of Fulani terrorists, we will not permit them and there is no room for them here in Benue State.

“If you want to do cattle business, whether Fulani or anybody, you must embrace ranching. As long as this government is concerned, no room for open grazing,” Governor Ortom added.

On allegations he launched a blistering attack on President Muhammadu Buhari, Ortom said it was harmless advice to the presidency on the worsening security situation in the nation.

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