Gov. Nyesom Wike accuses governors of politicising COVID-19

It’s hard not to like Wike

The Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike has accused his fellow governors of politicizing the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria.


Gov. Nyesome Wike in a video address criticized his co-governors who declared Covid-19 test results public and adding that it was all about publicity to attract the attention of Nigerians.

Gov. Wike during a press briefing on Friday April 17th grumbled at the non-compliance of government companies to observe the lockdown orders.

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He says –


“We were the first state to close down borders before other states followed and started doing publicity.”


“Everything is politicised in Nigeria. Governors, commissioners will go for a test and will tell the world they are positive /negative to attract publicity but nobody has gone for an HIV test to declare their status.”


“Everything we publicise to attract Nigerians. Testing negative has become news now. For us in Rivers state, this thing is immaterial.”

“There are states that have been singled out to be punished. In Abuja, a trailer was mobbed but if it was in Rivers State there would have been headlines that the state is not safe.”


“All those politicising COVID-19, saying they tested Positive and now Negative, they should also make public their HIV Status.”


Separating himself from the weed, he says, “We are not those State where a Governor receives 28million naira and snap pictures with it. In Rivers State, we don’t collect Widow’s Mite. You make money here, it is our entitlement. Look for the COVID-19 task force account and make your donations there. There are poor people who still have Pride and Integrity.”

Nyesome Wike also went for companies in Rivers State that have refused to contribute in the fight against COVID-19 saying, “Any Company operating in Rivers State that does not assist the State in the fight against COVID-19 will hear from Rivers State. I don’t go to them to beg for anything, I have not collected anything from them and so, I can stand firm and make a decision.”

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