While our Snooping Rabbits are already at the PDP national Secretariat and the banks to get to the root of this unusual return of money, preliminary observations reveal and suggest the following:

  1. Bribes or proceeds of corruption are never transacted through bank transfers, they are disbursed in chunks of cash to avoid any trace. We are already on the trail of all documentation that resulted and preceded the transfers of these monies. It shall be made public.


  1. The RECEIPT and RETURN of the monies didn’t happen the same day. Our Snooping Rabbits in the banking system have also established that there were transactions in the accounts of the recipients after the receipts of these monies. This made mockery of recipients’ claims that they never knew that their accounts were credited. These transactions in these accounts will also be made public.


  1. Who are the authorized signatories to the PDP bank account number 1000095003 in Globus Bank? Didn’t they all signed the transfer instructions?


  1. Who submitted the banks accounts details of the recipients to the party for the transfers to be effected? Did Iyorcha Ayu receive these accounts details through revelation or clairvoyance? Why was Adedara Kayode ‘s account not also revealed to enable him receive such mysterious money too? That my brother need money o!


  1. We have also established that these monies were paid into the accounts of all members of the NWC according to their ranks. All principal members of the NWC and the 6 zonal vice-chairmen received N28.8 million each, while the 2 deputy national chairmen received N36 million each. Only those loyal to Gov Wike’s cause returned theirs, and these return was preceded by immediate lodgement of monied into these accounts.


  1. Since these unusual return of money suggests some deeds of corruption or financial crime, the EFCC and ICPC, for further clarifications, are advised to invite the recipients of such “unsolicited, mysterious monies” that produced those “unnoticed credit alerts”.


  1. As our Rabbits dig deeper to unravel, compile and publish the documentation surrounding this recent development in the PDP, you’re hereby advised to put on your bulletproof vests and helmets to avoid stories that touch.


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