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Governor Oyetola’s Chief of Staff, Binuyo, in $120,000 fraud, with Police, To face full Trial

Governor Oyetola's Chief of Staff, Binuyo, in $120,000 fraud, with Police

Whenever I see the face of Oyetola’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Hon Abdullah Adeyanju Binuyo, what always comes to my mind is the sensation that the Man is refined in look and he should not identify with a government notoriously known for its rigging profile. However it is lost on me that the look sometimes can be deceiving. The Man we had thought was gentle is now in the eyes of storm for the alibi of criminal fraud. A Deputy Chief of Staff is a major plank in any government which is anticipated to drive the flow of good governance.

I read the Punch newspaper report that Governor Oyetola’s Chief of Staff is having sweating times with the office of the Inspector General of Police. He has been locked in the court’s dock for criminal trial over fraud, impersonation, forgery, and the offense of obtainment by fraud OBT. All these are ingredients of what we call 419! If the Osun State Government Deputy Chief of Staff is a 419 professional merchant, how many more 419ers will be in that cabinet because bad company corrupts?

This senior official has brought avoidable shame upon his APC party and it is an embarrassment for all Sons and Daughters of Osun State. The Man Binuyo has become a liability to this government and he is a baggage too. One wonders why the government of Oyetola has kept criminal muteness over this serious matter?

Is the Commissioner for Information, Funke Egbemode on leave? Is the CPS, Ismail Omipidan on sabbatical? Or is their a conspiracy between the Accused Deputy Chief of Staff and the Leader of Government over the fraud to warrant no action by the administration?

In the likelihood that Oyetola will want to cover this fraud and protect his stooge, the baton of responsibility falls automatically on the House of Assembly. Will the Rt. Honourable Timothy Owoeye, The Speaker act in good faith and divorce this black sheep out of the government with the power of his gavel or he will side with fraud and activate dumbness without doing anything too?

Governor Oyetola's Chief of Staff, Binuyo, in $120,000 fraud, with Police
Governor Oyetola’s Chief of Staff, Binuyo, in $120,000 fraud, with Police

A person, an appointee of Government at that can not be standing criminal trial of fraud and remain our Deputy Chief of Staff. Otherwise we will become jesters in the eyes of everyone in Nigeria and globally and they will see everybody in the Oyetola’s government in the colour of a Thief or potential Thief if something drastic was not done.

I hereby call on the 3 opposition Lawmakers in the parliament namely Hon Adewunmi Kofoworola Babajide, Hon. Adewumi Adeyemi Irekandu, and Hon Olaniran Akanfe Atidade to waste no further time. This matter has to be brought to the attention of the Speaker and indeed the House of Assembly under the privilege of matters of urgent public importance. Otherwise we would have failed as an opposition party which the masses and electorates love and look up to to defend them.

Mr Binuyo should recuse himself from office while he attends to his criminal trial. If he is able to clear his name he may then stage a come back.

The APC Chairman Prince Famodun Adegboyega is enjoined not to allow his party indulge their Man on this fraud. Otherwise posterity will book it against his name and that of his APC party. It is anticipatory that the Osun Civil Societies such as Barrister Kanmi Ajibola, Oladapo Ebenezer Wole Aluta, Adeniyi A. Sulaiman will all have reason to resume to duty to make sure that this is not swept under the carpet. The Chairman of Osun State PDP Hon Sunday Akanfe Atidade must become awake to this development as usual as well as the PDP Spokesman, Honourable Sunday Bisi.

Osun A Dara.

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