Hendon Magistrate Court Sentences Nigerian For Rape

A Nigerian man, Kenneth Ajilore, has been sentenced to six and half years for rape by the Nightingale court based at Hendon Magistrate Court.


Ajilore, who is of Prince George Road, Stoke Newington, was accused of raping a woman inside a car.


According to Hackney Gazette, detectives began an investigation after a woman, aged in her 20s, reported being raped in a car after a night out in Stoke Newington.

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Hendon Magistrate Court Sentences Nigerian For Rape
Hendon Magistrate Court Sentences Nigerian For Rape

The attack took place in the early hours of September 17, 2021. The woman told officers that Ajilore invited her into a vehicle and drove her to different locations across the city.


The accuser took photos of the vehicle which detectives used to trace it back to Ajilore.

They discovered he had hired it on the morning of September 16. To further prove Ajilore was responsible for the attack, officers talked to several witnesses and examined mobile phone data.

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They also recovered CCTV footage and carried out DNA analysis which linked Ajilore to the victim.


Ajilore was arrested three days later on September 20.

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