Herbalist attack Kwara United FC players in Niger

Herbalists suspected to have been hired by Niger Republic Football Club, AS Douanes de Niamey, attacked some Kwara United FC players, as they arrived at the stadium.


The herbalist attempted to sprinkle blood on some Kwara United FC players.


Sharing a video from the incident, KwaraUnitedFC on its social media pages said, “AS Douanes hired herbalists poured blood on Kwara United players, as they are about entering the main bowl.


“The two herbalists, one with a keg full of blood and the other with a goat, performed the stupid act when the players are coming down from the bus.


At the time of performing the act, no single policeman was around.” The Kwara United F.C. official Twitter handle tweeted Sunday, 18th September.

The game ended goalless.

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